Indifferent UN & the Kashmir carnage

Jamshaid Mohsin

Uptil now more than 40 innocent citizens have been ruthlessly martyred by adamantly incessant human rights disregard by brutal and bigotric forces in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Can Kashmir be ever liberated by begging justice from UN or US, only? Never, Pakistan should come out of this trance. Recently, South Sudan (2011) and earlier East Timor (2002), were liberated, yet Kashmir which had been clamoring since over half a century and had more genuine rationale of independence, is being shamelessly ignored by UN under vicious influence of US and West. Uttering few hypocritical words of sorry is the maximum they respond and we sit contented and take it a victory instead of invoking them that actions speak louder than words. Even more to our disappointment, our orthodox leadership, keep on begging to UN, US and West for help, stuck in vicious misconception that all solutions lie with them only. This does not mean that we should become hopeless. Hopelessness is a sin; we should analyze the solution with cool mind and find alternative strategies and ways. Although we are the eye-witness and the immediate affectees of this inhumanity in our neighbourhood more than other states yet it is not just Kashmir where massacre is being adamantly ignored by UN. Recall, Burma, Abu-Gharaib Jail in Iraq and earlier it was, Bosnia. But alas, our leaders do not learn from this attitude of West controlled UN. Simla Pact 1972, is misinterpreted by India and it’s implied that it restricts to resolve issues bilaterally only. As per common provision of contract act, which is admitted in all the countries, including India and Pakistan, any provision in any agreement, which restricts the arbitration or reference to court, is void to the extent of that provision. Moreover, Britain defied fair principle of division of sub-continent, India defied UN resolution, and why only Pakistan is being pressurized to obey an unfair ruling, especially when the other party is adamant to sabotage the purposes of the Pact, and tolerate the killing and disgrace of its people and land, who principally belong to Pakistan. By now, our leadership should have waken up from trance to realize that solution of our issues does not lie in biased UN or US. We need to recourse to an unbiased international body of communities also. For the time, there is OIC, only. In the long run, this outfit needs to be strengthened by its explicit service, regular meetings and performance feedback. The international media outlets, i.e. CNN, BBC, Time, Newsweek and Gulf News, also biasedly give deaf years to massacre and disgrace of Muslims, anywhere. We need to lobby or invoke international news channels and publish reports on this human rights’ violations through unbiased international news agencies; protests and rallies are needed to be staged in all countries across the world; internally, opposition should show unity on this issue and should not exploit the issue only for political gains; and an emergency meeting of OIC, should be called with agenda to put stepwise moral pressure and then trade sanctions on India unless they stop brutalities, abrogate unfair rules and withdraw military forces.
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