India’s Pakistan mania

SPEECH of the Indian External Affairs Minister at the UN General Assembly was a stark reminder that New Delhi was not serious in addressing fundamental regional problems and instead intends to pursue policies that would put regional security and peace at serious risks. At a time when the entire world was expressing concerns over grave human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and expected from India to stop bloodshed there, Sushma Swaraj tried to take refuge behind the much-beaten and false propaganda of Pakistan sponsoring terrorism and the need to isolate it. She also criticized Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for raising the issue of human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir, retorting that he should better pay attention to such so-called violations in Balochistan.
What the Indian Minister said in her speech was nothing new as, throughout the history, New Delhi has been trying to label the freedom struggle of Kashmiri people as terrorism, portraying Pakistan as sponsor of state terrorism and crudely interfering in Balochistan, Karachi and FATA but the audacity, with which India tried to befool the international public opinion, should be a matter of serious concern to all peace loving people and nations. Sushma toed lines of her leader Narendra Modi in saying that Pakistan needs to be isolated but in fact Modi stands isolated because of his past and present conduct vis-à-vis sponsor of terrorism and that is why he could not dare visit New York as he cannot explain the black deeds of his troops in Occupied Kashmir. While pointing accusing fingers towards Pakistan, Modi ought to remember his brazen statement confessing Indian role in breakup of Pakistan. His country openly sided with terrorist outfit Mukti Bahini and Modi himself took credit of having fought along with this terrorist outfit. What India would call killing of over one hundred thousand Sikhs who were demanding nothing but separate identity? Similarly, India cannot hoodwink the world by describing what is happening in Occupied Kashmir as its internal issue because Kashmir dispute is still on the UN agenda. India should also remember that it is Pakistan which is ‘dreaming’ about Kashmir but India that dreams to continue its subjugation of Kashmiri people against their will and in violation of the pledges and commitments made to them by the UN and endorsed by India also.

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