India’s influence in Afghanistan

AT long last, Pakistan’s concern about growing Indian influence in Afghanistan is increasingly being echoed in Washington, thanks to effective diplomatic efforts and interaction of our military leadership with Pentagon especially US commanders in Afghanistan. According to latest reports from the US capital, American intelligence community has informed Congress that Islamabad does not want heavy Indian influence in Afghanistan and will likely turn to China to offset New Delhi’s sway on its western borders.
Pakistan has long been recording its protest and disapproval of moves by the United States to bolster India’s military, strategic and economic role in Afghanistan especially in the backdrop of withdrawal of foreign forces. It is because Pakistan has genuine interest in Afghanistan’s peace and stability, an objective that cannot be realised with growing influence and presence of New Delhi on Afghan soil. Pakistani concerns are not unfounded as India has about a dozen consulates in Afghanistan that have no other objective but to hatch conspiracies and sponsor terrorist activities in Pakistan especially in Balochistan, FATA and Karachi. This was also acknowledged by RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav and based on his confession, dossiers were prepared and shared with the United Nations and the United States. With or without dossiers, the United States knows it well that India was massively involved in efforts to destabilise Pakistan and most of these conspiracies are hatched on Afghan soil and with full connivance of Afghan National Security Directorate. Assigning undue importance and role to India in Afghan affairs by the United States is not understandable as the country has no joint borders with Afghanistan and it has no security interests there as well except to create problems for Pakistan and increase pressure on Islamabad both on eastern and western fronts as we have been witnessing these days. It is not yet known as to what extent Pakistani concerns would be taken care of by the United States, which is in the midst of formulating a new strategy to deal with the Afghan imbroglio but any policy that does not take into account these concerns is bound to fail as far as the ultimate goal of peace and security in Afghanistan is concerned.

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