India’s evasive response to Pak initiative

INDIA has once again demonstrated that it is not at all interested in finding out truth about the Pathankot terror attack but only wants to exploit the incident as a tool to whip Pakistan and malign it internationally. New Delhi made its intentions clear on Tuesday when it did take the joint investigation team to the Pathankot air base but virtually evaded cooperation to the five-member team to examine the area, where they were allowed access but only for a few minutes.
The top leadership of Pakistan gave an unwavering commitment to their Indian counterparts to help them in the investigation process to unmask the real culprits and masterminds of the attack. Pakistan itself is the victim of terror and has suffered immensely more than any other country in the war against this curse, therefore, it sincerely wants to bring out the real truth behind the whole incident. It was in this spirit that the five member joint investigation team was formed to collect the necessary evidences besides an FIR was registered and also some arrests were made in different areas. However, the Indian side has not reciprocated to the Pakistani gestures in the same manner; rather it maintained its intransigence and anti Pakistan stance which also delayed the visit of the JIT. On arrival, the JIT which received a lukewarm response and cooperation has been provided with some evidences but these are not sufficient to complete the investigation. The JIT comprising senior officers having vast experience in their field, was required not only to talk to the personnel involved in the operation against terrorists but also visit the whole vicinity of the airbase but instead of facilitating them and helping them collect the evidences, the Indian side denied the JIT access to its personnel as well as the main areas in the airbase. In this backdrop, we believe the JIT investigation will remain inconclusive and not lead to actual facts and evidences. India cannot point finger on Pakistan for not doing enough in the case, because of the undue restrictions and bottlenecks being created for the JIT, despite the fact that it has already travelled an extra mile to reach the conclusion, while the negative posture of Indian leaders is hindering the process.

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