India’s cold war mentality

CHINESE daily ‘Global Times’ has expressed dismay over ‘cold war mentality’ of India as reinforced by its latest decision to close down border with Pakistan. Citing opinion of a number of Chinese researchers and strategists, it said the move, as announced by Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh, would only cause disruption to peace in the region.
Similar views have also been expressed by a senior official of the Chinese Foreign Ministry during interaction with Pakistani journalists in Beijing, urging the two countries to normalize relations, shun talk of war and resolve the festering Kashmir dispute that has bedevilled relations between the two countries ever since partition of sub-continent. He also added that his country would try to help normalize ties between Pakistan and India for the sake of regional peace and stability. However, this saner counselling is unlikely to be heeded by New Delhi, which is bent upon raising the ante through a combination of measures — hurling of threats on Pakistan, increased brutalities against Kashmiris, re-enactment of terrorist attack dramas, seeking diplomatic isolation of Pakistan and sponsoring terrorism in Balochistan. As for border sealing is concerned, Pakistan has nothing to lose from the measure; rather it would help expose Indian claims of so-called intrusions from Pakistan side. But the move is reflective of the belligerent mood of India, which is trying to dictate its terms on Pakistan that is seen by it as the last hurdle in the way of establishing its regional hegemony. It is also regrettable that India is using all cards at its disposal to pressurize Pakistan despite repeated goodwill gestures by Islamabad aimed at normalization of relations and engagement in meaningful dialogue for resolution of core issues. But India would gain nothing as Pakistan cannot be brow-beaten and the world is not buying Indian’s propaganda. Instead, there is growing realization among civilized members of the international community about India’s aggressive posturing, its threats to regional peace and its draconian measures against peaceful demonstrators in Occupied Kashmir. The recent report of the Washington Times, should serve as an eye-opener for planners and decision-makers in New Delh.

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