India’s bluster to generate more negativity

RECENT actions from extremist and jingoistic Indian leaders led by their PM Narendra Modi clearly indicate that India while pursuing the war path is all set to up the ante in the days and weeks ahead. This Indian tone and tenor is also visible from the fact that it is breaking ties and cooperation with Pakistan in different fields. Just a couple of days back, our film artists were banned from working in India and now it has unleashed an attack on the sports by denying to invite Pakistan to participate in Kabaddi World Cup starting from November 3. May be the Indians are afraid of defeat and humiliation at the hands of Pakistan’s Kabaddi players especially at this point in time when they are vainly trying to browbeat us. At the same time, Badminton Association of India has also decided to boycott the Pakistan international series scheduled to be held later this month in Islamabad.
All these instances clearly depict war hysteria and hatred cultivated by the Hindu extremist leaders and their media in the minds of their people and different segments of society against Pakistan. In fact artists and sportsmen are considered as ambassadors of peace the world over and breaking relations in these realms would not help but only widen the gulf between peoples of two countries. Cutting off sporting ties are nothing new from the Indian side as tension in bilateral relations has always kept hostage cricketing ties between the two nations. This is the reason that two countries have not contested a bilateral series since an ODI series in 2012-13. It is this kind of parochial politics that has made reconciliation between the two countries highly improbable and now this time around India seems to be taking this to new heights. Whilst Pakistan has always demonstrated restraint in its conduct, it is time to teach a lesson to Hindu extremists, just as our valiant soldiers are giving befitting response to the Indian aggression at the LoC. While we appreciate cinema owners for not screening Indian movies, we would urge private TV channels to stop showing Indian dramas and shows. As a nation we should also boycott all Indian made products to protest against New Delhi’s unpalatable behaviour towards Pakistan.

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