India’s Bloodbath in Kashmir

Jamil Chughtai

IN yet another gory act of unscrupulous state-sponsored violence in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), at least 20 Kashmiris have been martyred on the 2nd day of April2018 by Indian military suspecting them to be either the militants or their supporters. Brutality was unleashed in the streets of Kachdoora village in Shopian district of IOK where occupation forces resorted to indiscriminate firing at people when they were protesting against the so-called door-to-door operation against the alleged militant.
The violent incidents the latest and the worst case of human rights violations in the valley this year so far and has all the potential to further deteriorate the already too fragile situation in IOK because serious blow-back from Kashmiri freedom-seekers is very much likely. It is a generally known fact that even an ant would retaliate fiercely to a much bigger opponent when it finds its very survival at stake. The same stands true for the oppressed Kashmiris. Militarily, there is no comparison between the men in armours wielding frightening firearms and those with stones and slogans as their only weapons.
This scene has been a routine feature of the lives of people in Occupied Kashmir since 1948;the very day the State of Jammu & Kashmir was turned into a prison for Kashmiris through deception and treachery 70 years ago. Unarmed Kashmiris including men, women, school-going boys and girls, and aged people continued to be subjected to mental, psychological as well as physical humiliation and torture by the Indian military personnel merely for being Muslim Kashmiris and bona fide residents of IOK. In this backdrop, retaliation from the over-crushed and incessantly mortified local Kashmiris was inevitable and long over-due.
The ongoing Intifada in Occupied Kashmir is, in fact, a natural but indigenous reprisal from oppressed Kashmiris who are now fully prepared to sacrifice everything to liberate themselves from Indian usurpers and their tyrannical suppression that has been exacted onthem for decades. With the passage of time, however, the list of atrocities on hapless Kashmirishas become very long and terrifying. Everyday there are incidents of gashing of eyes,1 chopping off vital body-parts, use of ever-new methods of persecution during unending curfews including gang-rapes, burning of the agitators alive, torching of their villages along with crops and destruction of their business as well as economic life.
If truth be told, acomplete genocide of the Kashmiri people is on the Indian card in utter defiance of international human rights laws. Over the years India has accumulated plenty of innocentKashmiri blood all over its sleeves, but now the stage has come when it is being strongly believed that the struggle for freedom of Kashmir has finally come of age.
Regardless of what the national and political take India has on Kashmir issue, as a (self-styled) democratic republic the country also comes under the pledge to honour the international protocols on human rights. Contrarily, in addition to people of Kashmir, the Indian state policy since inception speaks volumes for oppression and suppression of the weaker segments of Indian union, especially the ones brought under subjugation by force or deceit. Their antagonistic and discriminatory national policies do not only target the smaller union states and innocent Kashmiris, rather India can be singled out as a perpetrator of state-sponsored terrorism on minorities living all across India including Dalits, Christians, Sikhs and Muslims at large.
At this point of time, the situation demands India to pay attention to one highly appropriate adage which says that,” the first rule of holes; if you are in one, stop digging’. But India keeps on digging the fathomless ditch by behaving callously towards its oppressed communities whose retaliation has now started to pose an existential threat for the country.
The Maoist-Naxalite rebellion and intense freedom movements in Assam, Nagaland, Mezoram and Indian Occupied Kashmir are the yawning holes that India continues to sink into little-by-little. Consequently, this self-dug hole brimming with swamp of separatism and insurgencies is becoming bigger, deeper and boggier every passing day; and would eventually eat up the ‘Grand Indian Republic’ soon as a natural course of action. For the outside world however, the daily account on the plight of the people of occupied Kashmir continued to fall short of knocking at the conscience of the United Nations in general and human rights watchdogs in particular. Absence of resources and projection forums have miserably failed the oppressed Kashmiris in making the world bodies realize that they have so far remained painfully quiet and complacent while2 thousands of young Kashmiri freedom-seekers have been brutally tortured and killed by Indian security forces.
Taking benefit of worldwide apathy and indifference towards the persistently-bleeding Kashmir, the Indian security forces have yet again demonstrated that they become bloodthirsty monsters when it comes to heinous Indian designs of gradually exterminating innocents Kashmiris for changing the demography of the valley for good.
Despite having been subjected to the worst inhuman experiences over the years, the people of Kashmir have now developed a firm belief that ‘there is no U-turn on the way to liberty’. The blood-soaked bodies of Kashmiri men, women and children in Shopian strongly validate their unflinching resolve that their crave for freedom from Indian subjugation would never diminish; rather it will increase with every passing day and witheach new act of Indian brutality in the valley.—Email

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