Indian warring ambitions

Indian army chief General Bipin Rawat’s recent statement is nothing more than a bluff to appease the Indian nationalists. Everybody knows that neither Pakistan nor India will like to initiate a war that might transform into a nuclear one – an utter disaster not only for the entire Asia but also for the world. Still the chances of Indian ambitions regarding war on small or full scale cannot be ruled out. India will never like to plunge into a direct war with Pakistan when it knows it is yielding the same benefits through the adoption of other methods. One of such method is to promote violence as it is doing in Balochistan and throughout Pakistan. Kalbushan Yadev, who was operating an extremist network, is an imperative case in point in this regard – of course, he was not there for any trouble-free business. Making matters worse, the recent incidents of shelling have caused so much damage to Pakistan. Civilians along the LoC are suffering a lot. Just recently, Indian unprovoked firing caused martyrdom of four troops that were busy in maintenance activities. According to Pakistan’s Foreign Office, from the beginning of 2018 till this time, there have been more than 100 ceasefire violations on the LoC and the Working Boundary by India. These violations have so much to do with the Indian army chief ambitions to start over a small-scale war with Pakistan. It is time India realizes the significance of the neighbours and instead of attempting to pressurize them, it should solve the long-standing issues. Peace is what the world including the people of Pakistan and India need not the wars.

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