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Since the day Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav has been awarded death sentence by Field General Court Martial (FGCM), relations between Pakistan and India have deteriorated further. India is even refusing medical visas to Pakistani. One of my friends who donated his liver to save his son was invited by his doctors in Chennai three months ago for a follow-up. Despite submitting invitation letter, Indian High Commission turned down their visa applications after holding their passports for almost 3 months.
Why do people at the helm of affairs on both sides of the border forget that people living in both countries have blood relations? Their daughters and sons are married in each other’s families. How can anyone stop a daughter from meeting her parents? How can medical aid be denied to anyone on the basis of unresolved political issues? People who are financially well off on both sides of the border have now chosen Dubai as a meeting place to see their loved ones married in each other’s countries.
India has put a very strange condition for acquiring Indian visa. Applicant is asked to attach a recommendation letter from none other than Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s political adviser on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz. People in Pakistan have no access to even their local bodies’ representatives who get elected through their votes. How can a layman be asked to submit a document, acquisition of which is beyond his reach.
It is high time Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj briefs Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the predicaments of people on both sides of the border. She has been very helpful to some Pakistani citizens in the past in acquiring Indian visas. Else people on both sides of the border will be compelled to believe the burial of the so-called ‘People to People contact’ diplomacy.

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