Indian undercover spying network

ACCORDING to information leaked to the media on Wednesday, Pakistan has busted a network of Indian spies working under diplomatic cover at the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. These agents were believed to be involved in subversive activities including attempts to disrupt the multi billion dollars China- Pakistan Economic Corridor project and fan sectarianism in the country.
This reaction came in the wake of some staffers of Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi declared persona non grata after the host country accused them of espionage. Indeed this diplomatic spat is sure to exacerbate tension between the two nuclear-armed neighbours that have been simmering for months. But the busting of Indian diplomatic spy network at a time when the Indian side took action against Pakistani staffers speaks volume of the fact that our intelligence agencies were well aware of the existence of this network at the High Commission but what prevented them to take action before is beyond any understanding. We believe the action of our agencies should not have come as a matter of any reaction rather if they were really aware of this network, they would have exposed them without wastage of any time as we all know what kind of agenda these Indian agents are pursuing against Pakistan, especially in Balochistan. The evidence collected from detained Indian spy, a serving naval officer, Kulbushan Yadav clearly manifests New Delhi’s evil designs against State of Pakistan and its people. The situation warrants that our intelligence agencies remain on high alert against spy networks either of India or Afghanistan or any other country with joint and coordinated efforts. Simultaneously, Pakistan should strongly take up with the world community and the UN nefarious activities that India is carrying out under different garbs.

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