Indian State terrorism

A day before the Independence Day the Indian Army occupying Kashmir killed three more Kashmiris. Three Indian soldiers were killed and many others severely wounded in the clashes with the Mujahedeen in Bandipur and Schopian areas. Mujahedeen successfully broke the .barricades and killed several Indian soldiers in Kalaroos camp site. After winning the football match the young men raised slogans in favour of Pakistan. The Indian security forces arrested the entire team players. In another incident Indian Army demolished and destroyed a Mosque and three houses. The people of Kashmir have affinity and attachment with Pakistan based on sentimental and spiritual relations. Indian soldiers have unleashed a spat of fury against the people. The genocide continues all across Kashmir. People flocked and came in droves on the streets and raised slogans in favour of Pakistan. Defence and political analysts have issued warmings to India to resolve the Kashmir dispute on an emergency basis by conceding to Plebiscite in the State. To this day the struggle for the independence has remained peaceful but not for long. Al-Qaeda and I S can move in at any time.

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