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South Asia seems to be on the top of America’s regional concerns and its policy, mainly to secure its vast interests from this region. Trump’s new policy on South Asia has focused on role of India as the core concern state in new policy. President Trump stressed on India to help America to halt North Korea’s stance on developing nuclear arsenals and bolstering Afghanistan’s forces. Trump reiterates Indian support to limit Pakistan to stop providing safe havens to terrorist groups.
The states in South Asia may perceive the policy differently from one another that could escalate the conditions especially between India and Pakistan. The only thing positive in Trump’s policy is of stabilizing Afghanistan, though this time not relying on Pakistan but on India. As President Donald Trump said in his policy speech “India makes billions of dollars in trade with US and we want them to help us more with Afghanistan especially in terms of economic assistance and development” this was a harsh tone from the President but India welcomed this stance, though for its own strategic interests and not solely for the US. As compared to previous Administration, Trump Administration’s policy on Afghanistan is based on ground conditions and not on a time-based approach, which also shows Trump’s willingness to stay in Afghanistan for strategic influence.
President Trump’s use of the term ‘Indo Pacific’ instead of ‘Asia Pacific’ shows that India is at the heart of his policy, but India also wants America to help it strengthen its position in the region. Trump wants Indo-Pacific to be completely free and open, although this stance depicts American mindset to use India against China in the South China Sea. India stresses on obtaining the membership of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation to ensure and legitimise its say on a global level and after the new Asia policy, US might help India in obtaining its objective.

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