Indian scheme thwarted

A few days ago Indian Spy was allowed to meet his family. It was a humanitarian gesture. Both the woman (mother & wife) were allowed to meet him in the special cabin of the Foreign Office. An Indian diplomat was present during the entire meeting. On return to India both of them were whisked away and not allowed to talk to the media. The Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj maligned Pakistan in her speech delivered in Indian Parliament. India replied to this goodwill gesture by violating the LoC and killing three army men.
She said that the women were strip searched and had to undress and even the mangal sutar were taken away. Pakistani authorities found chip attached to the shoes of Jadhav’s wife’ for listening to their conversation. Kulbhushan confessed to his family that he was spying for India and was posted in Iran as a businessman. He also confessed to his crimes and nefarious activities in Karachi and in parts of Balochistan. It must be noted that under the Army Act his court martial was held and he was sentenced to death. All the evidence pointed to his guilt. The Army Chief has confirmed his death sentence. This is not the first time that any Indian Spy was arrested. A number of such spies in the past have been arrested and sentenced to death but none of them was executed. Indian plan was to exploit this situation and tell the international community that he has been tortured to make confession. India miserably failed in its designs. The Foreign Office and the security agencies thwarted Indian scheme for which they must be credited. Well done!

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