Indian refusal

It is universal truth that disputes are solved through talks, therefore, Pakistan always seeks to resolve issues with India in a peaceful manner but the other side is escalating tension. In response to Pakistan’s offer of talks, India once again showed silly and foolish behaviour and rejected it and the hopes of breaking ice between the two neighbours came to dust.
It is not the first time that India escaped from the negotiations. History is full of such examples. Indian leaders always avoid talks with Pakistan to divert the attention from the real issues and fan the flames of hate. This time too not only India repeated the history and flimsy excuses were orchestrated but also setting aside all diplomatic norms New Delhi used derogatory language against PM of Pakistan who showed extraordinary flexibility for the resumption of peace talks.
The question is what are the reasons of this rejection? Why the window of opportunity has been closed once again? The answers lie in the internal situation of India. It is clear that the internal political situation is the basic reason of stepping back of Modi government from the resumption to talks. These days Modi is under fire and opposition parties are demanding his resignation because of his alleged involvement in the corruption scandal, therefore, the government cannot afford another controversy.
Second 2019 is election year in India and Modi cannot take risk to initiate peace process with Pakistan because his whole politics is based on anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan narrative so deadlock between two countries is his political need. Besides this aggressive remarks and threats of surgical strikes by Indian army chief show his huffiness because his soldiers, despite using brutal tactics, have failed to counter freedom movement in IoK and situation is going bad to worse there.

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