Indian qualms exposed

Reema Shaukat

WHILE the Independence Day of Pakistan was fêted with zeal and enthusiasm not only across the country but Pakistanis living abroad also celebrated this day with full energy and fervour. The very next day on August 15 Indian Independence Day was marked as Black Day in Kashmir and throughout the world Indian fake face of democracy was exposed by Modi’s speech. What a pity! Indian Prime Minister himself spoke about his fears and apprehensions about Pakistan. His speech narrated Indian worries about Pakistan and one can easily understand India’s covert propaganda in our country in which India is using terrorism as one of tool.
Modi’s speech on August 15 was viewed by many as a bad choice to speak on occasion. Not only was the speech hostile against Pakistan but full of lies too. It seems quite ridiculous that on the national day Modi chose to spoke about other nation. Recent incident in Quetta, Balochistan and before that sinister activities of RAW in rest of Pakistan particularly arrest of RAW spy Kulbhushan Yadev, his confessions and apprehensions of India on prospering CPEC, all shows Indian anguish for Pakistan.
Forgetting about insurgencies in his own country and violations of human rights across India, Modi’s misperceptions about his own country were depicted clearly from his words. Modi should not worry about Pakistan and its problems rather than focus on the internal matters of its country as Pakistan knows well how to identify its foes and tackle with them. Mentioning Pakistani children of APS attack, how smartly Modi ignored children of Kashmir who are tortured, killed and even their bodies are chastened by Indian forces in the streets of Kashmir daily. Relations between India and Pakistan became unpleasant because of Indian false allegations. Pakistan extended its full support to Kashmir cause after death of Burhan Wanni, a Kashmiri youth leader which India claimed that he is a terrorist. In a SAARC Home Minister’s summit held in Islamabad in recent past, Pakistan offered a dialogue initiation on all issues including Kashmir but India rejected such peaceful offer by Pakistan.
India lost an opportunity of peace restoration in region as Rajnath Singh, Indian Home Minister said that India would discuss relevant issues of the time which is cross border terrorism and cowardly ignored Kashmir dispute. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s High Commissioner in New Delhi devoted the Pakistan’s Independence Day to independence in Kashmir. Later, a lethal response was seen from Indian external affairs ministry who threw charges of cross border infiltration, supporter of international terrorism, drugs and weaponry on Pakistan. What a disgrace, a country who is supporting terrorism and violence in Kashmir for past several decades accuses other of its faults. Every year both Pakistan and India exchange sweets on their independence day but this year India exchanged firing across the LoC.
Kashmiris like every year marked India’s Independence Day as black day while on August 14 they extended full support to Pakistan amid curfew. Many Kashmiri leaders were home arrested by Indian forces while the falling of Indian flag by puppet chief minister Mehbooba Mufti’s hands who was hoisting Indian flag for the first time on India’s independence day showed that even the airs of Kashmir do not want Indian flag to be raised in Kashmir. On the present situation of Kashmir, PM’s adviser on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz said that “more than 70 innocent Kashmiris have been killed and more than 6,000 injured.
There is consistent curfew and a complete media blackout” while on Modi’s speech he commented, “Mr Modi was only trying to divert world attention from the grim tragedy that has been unfolding in Indian-occupied Kashmir over the past five weeks”. Making a critical remark at India, Sartaj Aziz said India is a large country and this must be acknowledged, but having a large country does not translate into having a great country. India must recognise the core issue of Kashmir, which cannot be solved through bullets, but requires a political solution.
An unreasonable statement by Manohar Parrikar saying “going to Pakistan is the same as going to hell” clearly depicts Indian frustrations and such statements by officials display the mind-set of nation and only add fuel to fire. Definitely, virulent comments by India show how seized they are with the Pakistan’s long standing struggle against terrorism and its support for Kashmir. Instead of blame game India must accept Pakistan’s offer for dialogue and it must stop cross border violations if wishful for peace on borders. The leadership of both countries should resolve all bilateral issues in a diplomatic way giving regard to each other’s point of view and politics of denunciations must be halted.
— The writer works for Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, a think tank based in Islamabad.

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