Indian PM rhetoric

PAKISTAN has reacted strongly to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim about ‘surgical strikes’. The Foreign Office spokesperson, in his weekly press briefing on Thursday, said that Pakistan has earlier rejected these so-called ‘surgical strikes’ of India as fabricated and repetition of these false claims doesn’t make them true. Speaking at an event in London, Modi claimed that before making the news of ‘surgical strikes’ public, India had repeatedly attempted to contact Pakistan government to inform them about it.
It is regrettable that the Indian PM not only repeated provocative rhetoric but also hurled threats to Pakistan on false allegations. He claimed that India will not tolerate those who like to ‘export terror’ and will respond to them ‘in language they understand’. By making repeated claims about surgical strikes that never took place, Modi and his Establishment are trying to convey to the world that India was a sort of mini-power with military might to dominate the region. Foreign Office spokesperson rightly asserted that this quest by the Indian Establishment to create media hype by rebranding cross-border fire as a surgical strike is travesty of the truth. Pakistan has made it clear that if there is a surgical strike on Pakistani soil, the same will be strongly responded. Pakistan has the necessary capability, resolve and determination to respond to any threat by India and it is the country’s invincible defence that New Delhi is just resorting to false claims and can never dare cast an evil eye on Pakistan. It is, however, regrettable that India’s unending threats and allegations in respect of terrorism are spoiling the atmosphere in South Asia. This is in sharp contrast to Pakistan’s desire to improve bilateral relations both through formal and informal channels. Recent contacts between the two countries sparked confidence among those who wanted to see normalisation of relations between the two nuclear armed states that better sense is prevailing but provocative statements from Delhi and refusal to hold talks with Kashmirs and Pakistan is a clear message that India is not interested in peace and security of the region. India is, in fact, being encouraged by some powerful countries to indulge in such behaviour and conduct by arming New Delhi to teeth. India must know that irrespective of internal rifts and political instability, Pakistanis are one when it comes to defending their motherland.

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