Indian ploy to defuse anti-Modi uproar

ON the face of it, Indian reply to the offer of dialogue on Kashmir made by Pakistan seems to be positive and encouraging but there are all indications that the response is a mere ploy to deflect attention from the pathetic situation in Occupied Kashmir and thereby release some of the pressure on Modi Government, which is persisting with its brutalities against innocent Kashmiris despite concerns expressed by Pakistan and saner members of the international community. The very fact that India responded to the letter of Pakistan Foreign Secretary within no time is itself a manifestation of the Indian desire to defuse anti-Modi sentiments.
One must not cast doubts on the outcome of the proposed meeting of the Foreign Secretaries but track record of New Delhi vis-à-vis talks with Pakistan especially on the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir does not spark confidence as India always used the dialogue process as a ploy to hoodwink international public opinion. At the moment, India is on defensive because of world-wide negative coverage of atrocities of its forces against Kashmiris and a crippling ban on coverage of the situation by media. India might be aiming at sending confusing signals both to the international public opinion and Kashmiris by expressing its willingness to discuss Kashmir. Otherwise, there seems to be no ray of hope particularly when Indian officials have leaked out their real plans to local media with regard to proposed talks on Kashmir emphasizing that India would like to discuss cross-border terrorism besides some other issues. This clearly shows India wants to talk on Kashmir only in the context of its accusations that trouble in Occupied Kashmir is supported by Pakistan. This is despite the fact that Indian media and many public opinion leaders including foreign policy experts and Congress politicians have categorically stated that the on-going struggle of Kashmiris was purely indigenous and product of extremist approach of Modi Government. Similarly, what is point in discussing Kashmir when India insists it is its internal matter and the region is an integral part of the Indian State. If this is so then why Kashmiris are up in arms and rendering supreme sacrifices. Therefore, talks must not be held on Indian point of view and these should be linked to categorical commitment of New Delhi to acknowledge and discuss the dispute with a view to resolving it as per aspirations of the people of Kashmir and in accordance with the UN resolutions.

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