Indian plot against CPEC to bite dust

CHAIRMAN Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Gen Zubair Mehmood Hayat, while addressing a conference in the Capital on Tuesday highlighted the threats faced by the country and the region at the hands of India, which is resorting to extreme steps to establish its hegemony in the region. He specifically mentioned that RAW has established a special cell and spending $ 500m to sabotage the multi billion dollars China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project.
In fact the conspiracies that India is hatching to destabilise Pakistan and undermine the CPEC are not new but an open secret now. Whatever Gen Zubair said in the conference is not rhetoric but something that is based on genuine facts and evidence. The very confessional statements of Kulbushan Jhadav and the former spokesperson of TTP Ehsanullah Ehsan are sufficient to prove what kind of ugly game India is playing in the region. The plan is undoubtedly being executed from the consulates that New Delhi has established in Afghanistan where it has developed nexus with NDS and different terrorist outfits to perpetrate acts of terror in Pakistan. Quite recently, we saw a couple of terrorist attacks in Balochistan in which a senior police officer also embraced martyrdom. On the one hand, RAW is using a mammoth amount to finance terror in Pakistan and on the other hand the Indian government is also engaged in undermining the importance of Gwadar port by entering into different arrangements with some regional countries. It is however a matter of satisfaction that our leadership is fully cognizant of the threats and has put in place some measures including the establishment of Special Security Division and special task force by Pakistan Navy to ensure security of CPEC related projects. So far, the enemies have miserably failed to create any hurdle in the execution of the mega project as energy and road infrastructure projects are near completion and it is now entering an important phase of industrial development under which special economic zones will be set up in all the provinces. Over and above, the project enjoys full support of all the political parties and the entire nation. Therefore, we have no doubt in saying that all the conspiracies against the CPEC are bound to bite the dust. Nevertheless, it would have been far better for India to spend these millions of dollars on establishing the infrastructure linking itself with the CPEC rather than wasting the money on undermining the project that is bound to accrue the benefits envisaged both by Beijing and Islamabad.

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