Indian Muslims still await justice

TWO and a half decades have passed since the demolition of 16th century Babri Mosque by the Hindu extremists but the Indian Muslims still await justice to be delivered in the case. The 25th anniversary of the demolition of the mosque was observed by Indian Muslims on Wednesday with probably no expectation that any justice will be done as those behind the tragic incident that triggered communal violence claiming lives of two thousand Muslims, themselves are sitting in extremist Indian government today.
Ever since the Babri Mosque incident as well as Gujarat riots which also saw killing of hundreds of Muslims, one has seen a series of incidents of religious violence and intolerance against the minorities especially Muslims and Christians in India. The situation has reached such an alarming level that the minorities there are not even free to eat food of their choice or celebrate their religious festivals with freedom. In many Indian States, there is complete ban not only on the eating of beef but many Muslims were also killed merely for dealing in cow. Then, the very statements of Hindu extremist leaders are also on the record threatening Muslims and Christians to convert to Hinduism if they want to stay in the country. These very acts clearly depict that India which always blows the trumpet of being a secular state to hoodwink the outside word is on its way to become Hindu Rashtra where there is no room for the people of other faiths. Had the minorities been enjoying their rights there, Muslims would not have been waiting dispensation of justice in the cases of Babri Mosque and Gujarat riots despite the passage of so many years. The regrettable part is that the Blocs such as the European Union which misses no opportunity to point fingers on Pakistan for reviving the death penalty, is negotiating free trade agreement with the country whose human rights violations are no longer a secret. Whilst the so- called flag bearers of human rights need to shun double standards on human rights, it is also for the minorities in India to stand up for the protection of their rights.

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