Indian Major kills civilian, relatives leave grave empty


Two decades ago, an Indian army officer killed a civilian in Brath village of Sopore and took his body, keeping his grave empty forever. There is an empty grave in Brath area of Sopore which was dug for a man, killed by the Indian army in the village in 1995.
After killing the man, the villagers say, the army took the body and declined to return it. “The grave which we dug for my husband was lying open for 11 days, but when the army officer declined to return the body, we closed it by burying some clothes in it,” said Sharifa Begum, widow of Nazir Ahmad Mir, a resident of Mir Mohalla, Brath. Villagers describe the day as one of the darkest days in their memory when an unarmed innocent civilian of the village was ruthlessly beaten up, dragged, tortured and killed.
It was on the 9th of June, 1995, Sharifa says, that her husband, Nazir Ahmad, was working in his fields when Major A K Chatterjee of the 9 Gorkha Regiment from Seelu camp, an officer who had terrified the village, swooped down on him, dragged him, beat him ruthlessly and took him away. Sharifa only came to know of the incident in the evening, when Nazir didn’t return from the fields.—KMS

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