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Mohammad Jamil

CHANDAN Nandy, Opinion Editor of the Portal ‘The Quint’ in his analytical story stated that two former chiefs of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), who headed the organisation sometime over the past 15 years, had put their foot down against recruiting Kulbhushan Jadhav for operations in Pakistan. Speaking to The Quint, two former RAW senior officers, including one secretary who headed India’s external intelligence agency after 2008, said that the “proposal to recruit Jadhav for operations, whatever it’s worth, was ridiculous.” He referred to the RAW sources – some serving and a few who retired over the past seven to eight years – revealed that Jadhav was not a high-grade operative with skills that other operatives recruited by the agency in other theatres had and used effectively to obtain intelligence. This lends credence to Pakistan’s version that Kulbhushan was serving navy officer and a spy working for RAW.
Kulbhushan Jadhav was arrested in March 2016 from Balochistan; he had faced trial for subversive and espionage activities against Pakistan, followed by hanged to death verdict by the Military court on various counts. Despite the fact that Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav of Indian Navy is not an ordinary prisoner or criminal but a spy, terrorist and killer, Pakistan had not only allowed but also facilitated his meeting with his wife and mother. They returned to India satisfied after a 40-minute meeting, and they had indeed every reason to be satisfied because medical report presented on the occasion, his appearance and good physical health must be a source of consolation for the family. On the other hand, India maltreated many Pakistani prisoners especially Sepahi Maqbool Hussain, a POW. India had also refused to provide opportunity to the family of Afzal Guru to meet him before he was hanged. Kulbhushan
There is incontrovertible evidence of Kulbhushan Jadhav’s involvement in organizing terrorist activities in Balochistan and Karachi. Being instrumental in killing hundreds of innocent citizens and destroying property, military court was perfectly justified in handing out death sentence. The Indian authorities had called the verdict against Jadhav as sham and appealed to International Court of Justice to stay the death verdict. India sought from Pakistan consular access to Jadhav to contest his case in civil courts. Serving Indian Navy commander, spy and terrorist Kulbhushan Jadhav had confessed his heinous crimes before the court, and also in the video. In addition to other vile acts, his mission was to hold meetings with Baloch insurgents and carry out activities with their collaboration, especially to sabotage CPEC. He crossed over into Pakistan to hold meeting with the BSN elements in Balochistan for carrying out subversive activities. Many a spies and RAW agents had been arrested in the past, but with the arrest of Kulbhushan Jhadav an on-duty naval officer it has been proved that India is the state that sponsors terrorism.
The Kulbhushan enterprise, the top gun of RAW, was funded to the tune of 500 million USDs with a strategic mission to achieve RAW’s objectives within Pakistan. However, many are surprised over India’s slumber for one year and then coming out to declare Kulbhushan as India’s son of the soil. Afghanistan became the centre of the power game led by the US with approximately 40 intelligence agencies actively pursuing their agenda. RAW exploited the swathes of ungovernable areas of Afghanistan for setting the bases across the Durand Line and even within some of Indian Consulates in Iran, with objectives such as befriending anti-Pakistan terrorist organizations, funding and supporting them.
In the past, Pakistan has been releasing Indian spies and receiving dead bodies of Pakistani prisoners – an inequitable swap of prisoners. One should recall that Kashmir Singh, who was freed from Pakistani jail after 35 years had admitted that he was an Indian spy and did his best to serve the country. “After my arrest in 1974, the successive governments did nothing for my family. I did the duty assigned to me as a spy, but the government after my arrest did not bother to spend a single penny for my family,” he had told reporters in Chandigarh. Anyhow, he was freed after the pardon granted by the then president Pervez Musharraf and returned to India where he was given a hero’s welcome. Another Indian spy Surjeet Singh was released in 2012 after spending more than 30 years in jail in Pakistan for spying; and as soon as he put his foot on Indian soil, he admitted that he was a spy.
Indian government and media have spewed venom against Pakistan and used humanitarian gesture of allowing Kulbhushan Jadev’s wife and mother as a propaganda tool against Pakistan. On the other hand, India has sought consular access for another Indian spy and terrorist Muhammad Shabbir s/o Nateh Khan, an Indian national resident of Sakan Topo, Tehsil Maindar, District Poonch, Indian Occupied Kashmir. He had visited Azad Jammu and Kashmir in 1987, and on his return he was intercepted by Indian intelligence agencies in IOK. He worked for RAW and later was apprehended by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies from Islamgarh on 17 December 1999 for having carried out bomb blast in a bus in Islamgarh in which 8 persons were killed and 22 others seriously injured. He was tried in Session Court and Qazi Court Mirpur, who awarded him death sentence. His appeal is pending in Supreme Court/Shrea Court AJK Mirpur Bench since 2015.
—The writer is a senior journalist based in Lahore.

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