Indian hysterical swings

Reema Shaukat

Supported by its cunning media, the Indian political and security establishment is known for false plans and allegations so that it could defame Pakistan in the eyes of the world, gather international support and to cover up its intelligence failures. Uri attack came up as another pseudo plan by Indians a day before when Pakistani PM was all set to expose India’s nefarious activities in IOK where many young people were shot by using pellet guns and turned blind intentionally.
So much so it’s not use of pellet guns but Indian atrocities have continued and is still on in Indian Occupied Kashmir over the past many decades. Pakistan as always supported Kashmiri brethren and its stance on Kashmir. India which could not reply well to Pakistani PM speech in UN and prove its innocence to world community for Kashmir brutal acts started massive propaganda against Pakistan. Apart from not only allegations in media, India started violations of LoC by heavy firing.
India keeps its rhetoric just to give shield to its brutalities in Kashmir and divert world focus on Pakistan India escalating tensions which actually India fabricates for its easy escape. Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani rightly analysed that “believing the Indian media and army that they have not targeted Pakistan army installations or personnel, rather have struck at the camp of terrorists and killed them, there is nothing new and extra ordinary as Indian army has been doing so for the last 27 years. Any of the countries can’t go for war as they all know fully what the collision of the nuclear heads actually means. Creating the war like situation, refusal in the SAARC forum, threatening the water blockade, isolating Pakistan at global level are the cunning mechanics to hoodwink world community and to divert their attention and focus from root cause of all these evils.”
India claimed that it made surgical strike in Pakistan to teach it a lesson and to stop Pakistan from state sponsoring terrorism. But this hype of surgical strike by Indian media and army was exposed by Indian PM Narendar Modi himself as he mentioned that India has not attacked anyone nor is hungry for any territory. Modi after much criticism on the use of term surgical strike by Indian army is now concealing its false claim of surgical strike which actually brought bad name to India internationally and India is now trying its best to deal with this created phenomenon of war hysteria.
Pakistan on other side to show the world real picture about India propaganda of surgical strikes made local and international media visit LoC.The media was allowed to visit the military’s check posts and interact with the local population, who categorically denied presence of Indian boots on Pakistani soil. Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Lt Gen Asim Bajwa made it clear that any adventurism would cost India heavily. No physical violation of the LoC has taken place, nor it will be allowed to happen by our resilient forces. The Pakistan Army is fully prepared to take on any misadventure and any such attempt will be responded in a more effective and forceful manner.
Because of heightening tensions on border and Indian false claims of victory in surgical strikes Pakistan called All Parties Conference in which all political parties participated and condemned the unprovoked Indian aggression and ceasefire violations. According to a joint communiqué released after the conference, representatives from across the political spectrum also rejected the Indian government’s claims that Kashmir was an integral part of India. The leaders called for coordination on national security efforts, and urged reconstitution of national security committee of parliament.
It further said that violations of Indus Water Treaty to stop water for Pakistan will be considered as Indian aggression and as any act by India to destabilize Pakistan will be answered fully. It is true that India always manifests propaganda against Pakistan and world often believes what India portrays. But after strong resolve on Kashmir issue and PM speech Pakistan in UNGA, once again we have succeeded to show world Indian true face however an effective foreign policy is need of hour to lobby our case more appropriately in world.
— The writer works for Pakistan Institute for Conflict and Security Studies, a think tank based in Islamabad.

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