‘Indian diplomat yelled at my mother, wife’ says spy Jadhav in new video


No proposal for Chinese military base at Gwadar

Sophia Siddiqui


Foreign Office Thursday released a video of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav in which he gives an account of his meeting with his mother and wife. The video shows Jadhav as saying that he saw fear in the eyes of his family members when they met him on December 25, 2017, adding that an Indian diplomat accompanying them was yelling at them.
“The Indian person or diplomat accompanying my mother and wife started yelling at them as soon as they stepped out of the meeting,” said Jadhav in the video, which was played during a weekly press briefing at the FO.
“I have something very important to say here to the Indian people, the government and the Indian navy: I am a commissioned officer in the Indian Navy — my commission is not over,” said Jadhav in the video, adding that his family “was threatened”. “I saw fear in the eyes of my mother and wife — why should there be fear? What all has happened has happened.”
“This gesture (on the part of Pakistan) was a positive one so that she feels happy, I feel happy and then there’s this person standing outside and yelling at her?”
He said he had not been subjected to any sort of torture in Pakistan. In the video, Jadhav said that his mother was “very happy” to see him “in a good state”. “She said, ‘I’m feeling very relaxed after seeing you’.”
Admitting that he had been working for Indian spy agency RAW, Jadhav said that his mother and wife had been really battered, troubled and brought to the meeting. “I have thought they have been beaten all along in the plane.”
“We, India and Pakistan, are supposed to end our enmity and subsequently, further our relationship.”
The meeting between Jadhav and his mother and wife, held on December 25 as a humanitarian gesture, lasted almost 40 minutes. Indian diplomats, including Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh, accompanied Jadhav’s family and he was present during the meeting, which was conducted in a specially prepared room via an intercom through a glass partition.
FO Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal during the briefing said it was sad that Pakistanis were kept from visiting India for the URs of Khawaja Nizamuddin Aulia after New Delhi postponed the issuance of visas to 192 Pakistani pilgrims who wished to attend the urs from Jan 1-8.
Dr Faisal said claimed that the Indian blind cricket team was not granted visas to travel to Pakistan by Delhi.
The foreign office spokesman said, there was no proposal for Pakistan says neither any proposal was received nor was under consideration regarding a Chinese military base in Gwadar.
This was stated by Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Muhammad Faisal during the weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday.
He said this is just fallacious propaganda against China Pakistan Economic Corridor project and the development of Pakistan.
To a question about US President Donald Trump‘s Pakistan policy, the Spokesperson said the matter is with the highest forum that is Cabinet‘s National Security Committee. He said we are a strong nation and are able to face any challenges bravely and courageously.
To a question about Afghan refugees, Dr Muhammad Faisal said Pakistan has extended unprecedented support to the Afghan refugees and has offered them educational and professional training facilities so that they can better serve their country when they return there.
He said trade between Afghanistan and Pakistan has witnessed phenomenal increase last year with Pakistan’s export to that country increasing by nine percent.
He said we are also engaged with Afghanistan for early convening of Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Cooperation Authority.
The spokesman urged India to stop atrocities in occupied Kashmir instead of playing political theatrics aimed at distorting Pakistan’s humanitarian gestures.
The spokesperson said Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Yasin Malik‘s letter to Indian External Affairs Minister bears witness to the Indian gimmickry and the situation of human rights in Indian jails. He said Pakistan believes dialogue is the ultimate mode of resolving disputes.
To a question regarding India‘s arms build up the Spokesperson said Pakistan has always maintained that Anti Ballistic Missile systems entail instability in the region and provoke armed race.
He said Pakistan is desirous of peaceful neighbourhood in which countries utilize their resources for the betterment of the common man instead of squandering the m in futile arms race. He said Pakistan is fully committed to and has proposed to India some restraint measures to promote strategic stability.
To a question about tension in Korean peninsula, the Spokesperson said Pakistan shares concerns with international community and maintains that all concerned parties fulfill their obligations and follow policy of peace and reconciliation. He said we encourage the relevant parties to resume meaningful dialogue.
To a question regarding tensions in Iran, Dr Muhammad Faisal said that is Iran‘s internal matter and we are confident that Government of Iran will handle it adequately.

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