Indian designs against China

INDIAN Army Chief General Bipin Rawat’s statement on Friday that his country will handle China’s growing assertiveness and has stepped up patrols on their disputed border to head off more standoffs is yet another manifestation of New Delhi’s aggressive and provocative posture. Making intentions and designs of his country clear, he added that time has come for India to shift focus from western to the northern frontier.
China, despite its economic and military might, has never threatened any country especially its neighbours but India has disputes, tension and issues with almost all countries of the region and it is always on the lookout of opportunities to browbeat them. It is surprising that China is enlisting cooperation of not only countries of the region but those from other continents as well for its initiative of One Belt, One Road that has the potential to ensure peace and security on the globe because of interdependence and cooperative framework. But India, which is being provided with all sorts of equipment and technologies by the United States, is losing no opportunity of raising the ante. Only in June-August last year, it faced humiliation because of its uncalled for interference in Doklam but it seems it has not learnt any lesson. It is so serious in encircling China that General Bipin Rawat suggested to his Government that countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan have to be kept on board as part of a broader strategy to deal with China, and India must make “wholehearted” efforts to continue extending support to them. Explaining the strategy he added “India is seeking support of other nations, group of nations in the region, to see that we are not isolated completely in a situation in Asia against an assertive China. That is the next step that is being taken and therefore you will find that a quadrilateral is formed”. The strategy announced by India has exposed claims about it being a peaceful and responsible country and as to who is responsible for insecurity and tension in the region.

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