Indian cyber police..!

MOST of our policemen have no knowledge what cyber crime is and I can envisage a scene if such a crime takes place:: The phone rings at a police station and a constable picks it up. “Hello Is that the police station?”
“No madam police station cannot speak, this is deputy constable Pandu speaking.” “Constable I have to report a cyber crime. My web site has been hacked.” “Has you lock been tampered with madam? Your door broken?” “Constable I don’t know how they entered but all my software’s been destroyed.”
“Anything stolen madam?” “Stolen?” “Like gold, jewelry, diamonds?” “Constable I am talking about my computer.” “Ah you computer has been stolen.” “No hacked.”
“Hacked to death, like stabbed madam?” “No hacked like in hacked.” “Is madam meaning hijacked, then madam should call the airport manager who will negotiate with the hijackers.” “Is that the police station?”
“No madam this is deputy constable Pandu. Police station cannot speak..! Constable Pandu puts down the phone, shakes his head and looks at hacking instruments hanging on his police station wall; axes, choppers, knives, swords. “Hacking is a serious crime!” he thinks to himself. The phone rings.
“Police station?” “Deputy constable Pandu sir. Police station cannot speak.” “Constable my pass word has been stolen!” “Did you leave it by mistake in cab sir, auto-rickshaw? Lot of people leave it in these vehicles sir and then think it is stolen. Where did you last see it sir?”
“In my computer.” “Your computer has not been stolen?” “No, no only my password.” “Are you an American?” “Why?” “If you are American you should make application to American Embassy, if British then British High commission. If Indian, make new application.”
“For what?” “Your passport sir. You said it was stolen?” Constable Pandu shakes his head at the disconnected phone. People are so impolite nowadays, he thinks to himself and yawns. He sees a newly constructed Cyber Café on the opposite side of the road, he walks over.
“One black coffee please,” he tells the owner. “Sir this a cyber café.” “Arrey Sai Ba Café or Sai Bar and Café, coffee is coffee nah?” Like I said, the world watches bemused as a police force who can’t control vice, villainy, traffic or corruption now try to check cyber crime..!

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