Indian content should be banned

For any nation in the world, culture holds a paramount importance as it distinguishes it from rest of the world. But at the current hour, the world has become a global village because of the progress man has made and this progress is also affecting the cultures of the world with an incredible pace. The culture in Pakistan is on a gradual decline and media in general and Indian channels in particular, are playing a central role in this regard.
India’s channels have superseded the local channels in Pakistan as the younger generation has a visible vulnerability towards Indian programmes. The pathetic dramas on Star Plus are creating a negative impact on youngsters particularly females in Pakistan. Indian movies and dramas are brain washing the younger generation of Pakistan, who is following the Indian channels blindly without even thinking that they are killing their own culture.
Paradoxically, in India, Pakistani channels are restricted but in Pakistan, Indian programmes are being promoted by the cable operators. No official step has been taken so far to ban the Indian channels on a permanent basis. The Indian movies have got access to the cinemas in Pakistan which is quite alarming as it will wash out our local culture within no time.
On the other hand, the Indians love to their culture and never miss a chance to promote it throughout the world. If we want to keep our culture alive and want to preserve it for our coming generations, then we have to get rid from the clutches of Indian channels. The most alarming fact is that our media itself wants to promote Indian culture in Pakistan as they show Indian movies and other award shows, which is quite disapproving in a sense that these local channels are giving priority to Indian programmes.
In order to safeguard and promote our culture we should take immediate steps in the right direction. Pakistani media should play a constructive role in this regard and should save our nation that is heading away from our culture.

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