Indian Congress owes pro-active role in IHK

Indian Congress leader Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia has called for plebiscite in Occupied Kashmir. According to Press Trust of India, speaking in Lok Sabha, he said PDP-BJP Government has shed all the principles in Kashmir and today there is need for a ‘rai shumari’ (plebiscite).
Though the Congress leader retracted his statement after pressure and criticism from extremist circles but his original statement made in the House is the only solution to the longstanding dispute. We believe that he is not alone in holding such a view as right from Pundit Nehru, who had a fascination for Kashmir and made a commitment before the UN and the world community to hold plebiscite in Kashmir to determine its future, many Congress leaders including Indira Gandi have been acknowledging this fundamental rights of Kashmiri people. However, they never made any sincere effort towards this direction and instead adopted a policy of delaying tactics as part of the overall strategy of India to strengthen its stronghold on Kashmir. All this has led to frustration of Kashmiris who are now up in arms and are determined to carry forward their movement at all costs till realization of their birth right. Indian Government is again seeking refuge by labeling the deteriorating situation as a consequence of ‘stoking’ of trouble by Pakistan but truth cannot be suppressed for long. Only recently another Congress leader Jai Shankar Aiyar publicly acknowledged that uprising in the occupied territory was not Pakistani-inspired but mostly indigenous. Similarly, Indian media has also been highlighting trampling of human rights in Occupied Kashmir and other measures that have led to the present state of affairs. Congress has a special responsibility towards resolution of the dispute as the genesis of the issue began during its era. This issue is major hurdle in way of normalization of relations between two nuclear armed neighbours and therefore, genuine initiatives are required to resolve it for sake of regional peace, security and progress.

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