Indian atrocities in IoK & Trump

Indeed, it is very very sad that President Trump of the United States has completely ignored even to mention Pakistan or its sacrifices in fighting terrorism during his “lecture” to Islamic world at the recently-held Arab-Islamic-American summit in Riyadh. To add insult to the injury, he termed India as a victim of terrorism completely ignoring the atrocities committed by Indian armed forces in Indian-occupied Kashmir using pellet guns thus rendering the people blind for life time. Furthermore, Indian role in fanning terrorism inside Pakistan that has been proven beyond doubt – arrest and confessional statements of Kulbushan Yadav and Ahsanullah Ahsan – is also ignored by USA. It is high time that we must make titanic shift in our foreign policy and stop looking after American interests in the region rather our own supreme national interests be safeguarded. China has always proven to be our friend and good neighbour. Our national interest is safeguarded by keeping close relationship with China and there is hope that Kashmir dispute can also be solved if China plays its role in the region like China did with Myanmar and Bangladesh over Rohingya issue.
Manchester, UK

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