Indian accusations: Old habits die hard

INDIA is once again pointing accusatory fingers on Pakistan for the recent attacks on military camps in occupied Kashmir with its Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman went on to say that Pakistan will pay for an attack on the army base that killed nine including five soldiers.
In fact it is not the first time that India is resorting to such tactics or baseless allegations but in the past also we have seen that in case of any attack the Indian officials were quick to point fingers on Pakistan before conducting even any investigation into it. This clearly reflects war mongering and deliberate war hysteria on part of Indian ruling junta. Indeed ever since the installation of Modi as the PM, one has seen a stepped up propaganda campaign against Pakistan to isolate it at the international level. Though the Indian efforts have proved to be futile but the irresponsible statements and increased ceasefire violations on the Line of Control and the Working Boundary by the Indian troops pose grave threat to regional peace and security. Instead of shying from accepting the ground realities, the Indian side needs to realise that its brutal campaign in occupied Kashmir is giving further impetus to the freedom movement and as a result of Indian intransigence the people of the occupied Valley are coming in the open and expressing their love and affection for Pakistan. Just a few days back, one also saw pro-Pakistan slogans echoing in the building of occupied Kashmir Assembly. Perturbed over the situation in occupied Kashmir, we understand the extremist government in India is staging dramas of attacks to pressurise and malign Pakistan. But the fact of the matter is that it is India that is involved in sabotage and terrorist activities. The revelations made by Kulbushan Yadav are an open secret now. While dossiers on these revelations have been submitted to the UN, it is also time for the world community to take notice of the State sponsored terrorism of India while rising above any political and economic expediency.

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