India — the rape capital of the World

Rayyan Baig

The male chauvinism is prevalent in almost every society of the world with varying degrees, but it has been deeply ingrained in the Indian society. The women folks in India remain under persistent threat of being harassed, molested or raped by any individual. This threat looms at work places, in buses, trains, hospitals, schools, hostels, shelter homesand places of worship and even in the confines of homes. The rapists may include bosses, coworkers, subordinates, doctors, teachers, students, soldiers, ministers, neighbors and near relatives etc. The rapes are not confined to young victims rather they may include anyone and everyone aging from an infant of a few months to very old women of 80 years.
The rape is so common in India that mostly it doesn’t become a news, rather even the gang rapes are so frequent that the newspapers just report another “Gang Rape”. Most rape cases don’t get reported/ registered due to social pressures and fear of further insult to the family. Around 100 rape cases are reported every day in India, however many cases go unreported due to the reasons cited above. It is believed that for every 100,000 cases only one gets attention of media. Just a few of the ugly gang rapes worth mentioning are KunanPoshpora gang rape of 1991, in which 100 women aging from 13-80 years were gang raped by Indian Army. A year later in Ajmer city of Rajasthan State over 100 school girls were raped, yet in the same year 18 Dalit women were gang raped by 263 Forest personnel in Tamil Nadu. Just after 2 years in 1994, in Maharashtra State around 500 mostly school girls were raped after being tranquilized. In 2012 a woman was gang raped and brutally assaulted in the bus in New Delhi.In 2015, a gang rape of different kind was committed in Nadia District of West Bengal where a 71 years old Catholic Nun was raped by 8 men in Convent School in front of staff. In the month of June 2018, 5 women of a NGOs, were abducted and gang raped for hours and subjected to tarrying torture. Very recently 34 minor girls were raped in a Shelter Home at Muzzafarpur in Bihar State, the other hundreds of Shelter Homes carry the similar but unreported tales.
In India the rape victims may belong to any nationality or community, from Asians to Europeans and from the poor to affluent, however the main sufferers remain the poor Indian minority community women. As per Indian media even the wife of Indian President was also subjected to sexual abuse, being from Dalit community, during her visit to Jagan Nath Temple in March 2018, accompanied by her husband, the sitting President of India.
The foreign nationals, tourists or Hindu pilgrim women are also targeted and go through the same ordeal without exception. On 15 March 2013 a Swiss tourist woman was pitilessly gang raped in the presence of her husband in Central India, a year later a Danish tourist was gang raped by 6 men in Delhi. In early 2015 a Japanese woman was gang raped by 5 men in Kolkata, in September a 19 years old Japanese woman was gang raped in Jaipur city by 3 men including her Indian guide, and in the same month a US tourist woman was gang raped in Dharamsala of Himachal Pradesh. On 18 February 2017 a leading Malayalam actress Bhavana was kidnaped and gang raped in Kerala state.
Indian men not only subject their victims to worst sexual assaults rather after heinous acts they don’t hesitate even to kill them to eliminate the evidences. In many cases, the victims have been burnt, mutilated or ruthlessly killed after the rape. In December 2012, in famous Bus Gang Rape incident the victim after the gang rape was inserted with a metal rod in her genitals critically injuring her, she ultimately succumbed to the injuries. A few days later a female medical student was gang raped in the bus and thrown out of moving bus, she too died later.In April this year a seven years old girl was raped and murdered in Uttar Pradesh during a wedding by a man hired to set up tent for the wedding. Asifa Bano an eight years old girl is among the latest victims who after being gang raped by 8 men was killed by the rapists and her mutilated dead body was recovered with both legs broken.
The sexual assaults on women particularly underage girls are wide spread in India which have further increased under present regime. The so called protected places eg Shelter Homes etc also fail to provide protection to the destitute girls/ women, sadly there is a complete apathy by all concerned to provide justice to them. On the shameful news of rapes of girls in shelter homes in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, involving even influential people like MLAs, PM Modi was not moved and kept silent. Even a J&K BJP female worker, Miss Meta, when recently complained about the sexual harassment by her own party officials she was rather hounded and issued with summons and disciplinary action.Rahul Gandhi commented that the life of women in India has not been as worst in last 3000 as has become in Modi’s regime. An official of Karnataka State government Mr Manjunath Gangadhara also confessed that “India has shown utter disregard and disrespect for women, rapes sexual assaults, harassment and female infanticide have gone unabated”. An Indian columnist, Samar Halarnkar, stated that, “Men abuse women in every society, but few do it with as much impunity, violence and regularity as the Indian males”.
India has thus gained the worldwide fame of being the Rape Capital of the World, which has put caution on the foreign female tourists visiting India and the number has dropped considerably due to the fear of sexual assault. According to Trust Law’s polls held in 2012 from 370 gender specialists around the world, India was voted the worst place for woman, out of all G20 countries. Similarly, Thomson Reuters Foundation polls of 548 experts on women’s found India to be the most dangerous country in the world for women.
The female sex in India suffers at every stage of life, the first being in the womb of the mother. Around 600,000 female fetuses are aborted every year in India, many girls if born are infanticide and those who survive face the fear of sexual assault at every step of their life till their death. Particularly, under Modi’s Hindutva ecstasy the RSS goons take every women getting out of her home as possessing bad character and consider it their moral duty to teach them a lesson by raping them while some do it as their hobby.

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