India takes forward hostilities

INDIA’S anti-Pakistan prejudice is at its peak. On the one side, its troops are engaged in incessant, unprovoked firing on the Line of Control and the Working Boundary which over the last few months has claimed life of dozens of people while on the other hand it is bent upon closing all links that could bring the people of two countries close together.
Taking forward the hostilities, Indian authorities recently disallowed Moneeza Hashmi, daughter of renowned poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz (late) and Trustee of the Faiz Foundation Trust to attend the 15th Asia Media Summit in New Delhi. She was invited by Asia Pacific Institute of Broadcasting Development to attend the moot but the organisers, because of pressure from the Indian government, too appeared helpless when Moneeza approached them. While India misses no opportunity to malign Pakistan but Moneeza chose not to create hype on the matter, which in fact is very unfortunate and cannot and should not be ignored at all. In fact it is not the first time that the Indian government has resorted to such an extreme and intolerant attitude. In the past also we have seen the Indian authorities placing ban on Pakistani artistes, denying visas to Pakistani pilgrims and patients and cancelling sports matches. Cutting all the people-to-people contacts underscores the growing intolerance and bias prevalent in India. Despite all the Indian hostilities, Pakistan is showing openness and most recently allowed the Sikhs to perform their rituals. Our Foreign Office even arranged a meeting between Kulbushan Yadav, who was arrested on charges of espionage and sabotage, and his family members. The Indian artistes who frequently visit this country are warmly welcomed by Pakistani fans especially in Lahore and Karachi. It clearly demonstrates that Pakistan desires to pursue the course of peace and stability yet the Indian side is sticking to its intransigence and enmity. And under PM like Modi, nothing better can be expected from the Indian side. It is time for Pakistan to recognise the true face of Indian Hindutva and avoid making one-sided efforts to improve relations when the other side is not even willing to reciprocate common courtesy.

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