India stands further exposed

AS Indian lie of ‘surgical strikes’ found no acceptance anywhere and instead dented image of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi seems to be on a fence-mending exercise by trying to portray India as peace-loving country. Addressing a function in New Delhi on Sunday, he claimed “India has not attacked anyone; it is neither hungry for any territory”.
As for ‘surgical strikes’ are concerned, even the UN Military Observers’ Group in India and Pakistan has confirmed that nothing of the sort has happened, confirming Islamabad’s firm position that India was just trying to play with galleries. However, Modi’s claim that India never attacked any country is nothing but denial of historical facts and a crude attempt to camouflage India’s black face on this account. Will Modi explain who initiated wars with Pakistan and who was instrumental in dismemberment of the country? India also triggered 1962 conflict with China by its provocative act of establishing a military outpost at Dhola in violation of understanding with Beijing. It is again amassing weapons of all sorts from around the globe and acquiring latest technologies in the bid to block emergence of China as another super power. India also carried out military and economic aggression against almost all smaller countries of the region and has been pursuing policies aimed at their political and economic subjugation. Now again when Modi is making hollow claims of India’s peaceful credentials, his Government is continuously engaged in actions that are leading to heightened tension with Pakistan and gross human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir. Moreover, it is also threatening to block Pakistan’s share of water under the Indus Basin Treaty, which has prompted even the United States to declare that the treaty was best example of peaceful and cooperative relationship. Similarly, India is persisting with ceasefire violations on Line of Control, has detained a Pakistani fishing boat, caused postponement of SAARC summit and threats are being hurled on Pakistani High Commissioner and artists. What all this means? India has scant respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries and until and unless the policy if reversed the peace of the region would remain imperilled.

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