India spews venom

As was expected, in a bid to deflect attention of the international community from brutalities of the extreme sorts being perpetrated by its troops against defenceless Kashmiris, India has started raising hue and cry over its favourite topic of terrorism, levelling baseless allegations against Pakistan of sponsoring terrorism. Following an attack on Brigade Headquarters in Uri area of Occupied Kashmir, Indian Home Minister Rajnath has termed Pakistan as ‘terrorist state’ and added it should be identified and isolated as such.
Pakistan Foreign Office has rightly and promptly showed mirror to Rajnath by not only rejecting his insinuation but also telling him that India cannot hide crimes being committed against Kashmiris and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is going to expose New Delhi on this account during UN General Assembly session in New York. It is strange that a country whose eight hundred thousand troops are engaged in every conceivable atrocity against Kashmiris has the audacity to point fingers towards others. There is state-sponsored terrorism in Occupied Kashmir and unending curfew and ban on coverage of the gory situation are clear manifestations of this reality. Foreign Office spokesman has justifiably pointed out that on a number of occasions in the past, India hurled similar allegations against Pakistan but subsequent investigations exposed such claims as India’s own elements were found in engineering these attacks. There is every reason to believe that attack on Army base in Uri has been stage-managed close to UNGA session where Pakistan is poised to forcefully plead the case of Kashmiri people. No one should wonder even if the attack has been carried out by any Kashmiri freedom fighting group as people in Occupied Kashmir are mercilessly being killed and handicapped by Indian troops. Kashmiris withheld their armed struggle for over a decade in the hope that India would discuss the issue peacefully and grant them their right of self-determination. However, their dream has not materialized and instead there is more intensity in Indian repression sending a clear message to Kashmiris that India does not understand the language of peace and dialogue. India’s own media and intellectuals have repeatedly told Prime Minister Modi that the ongoing movement in Occupied Kashmir was purely indigenous and therefore, instead of finding refuge behind Pakistan bashing, India should review its policy and engage into meaningful dialogue with Islamabad as well as Kashmiris, for finding a just solution of the dispute as per aspirations of Kashmiri people.

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