India spending more on arms than people

ACCORDING to latest report of US Congress, India purchased a whole range of defence equipment worth $34b between 2008 and 2015, thus emerging as the second largest purchaser of arms amongst developing countries. Not only this India, at the cost of its poverty stricken people, has also recently signed a series of other defence related agreements with the US, France and Japan to augment and diversify its stock of weaponry.
In our view, this berserk procurement of arms and weapons will not help improve situation in the already volatile region but trigger an arms race in the region as given Indian belligerence and war hysteria, Pakistan cannot afford remaining oblivious to these developments and it will be forced to buy matching technology to counter any Indian aggression. All this would mean that billions of dollars that actually should be spent on removing poverty, backwardness of people of the region would be diverted towards purchase of defence equipment. Recent Indian arms shopping spree leaves no doubt that while keeping China in mind, New Delhi is modernising its defence forces in order to realise its long cherished dream of becoming a greater power in the region. On the other hand, China harbours no aggressive designs against anybody rather it is pursuing the course of regional development and integration through mega projects such as One Belt, One Road initiative. But in its animosity and to achieve hegemonic designs, India is regrettably also plotting against the regional connectivity projects that are not against any country but only aimed at bringing peace and prosperity to different regions and countries through greater cooperation. Instead of adopting a hostile approach, it is advisable for India to become part of these connectivity projects and start investing more on its own people rather than weapons if it really desires to achieve the status of a great country in the comity of nations.

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