India shedding NFU under dangerous Hindutva agenda

Staff Reporter

Former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Gen ® Ehsan-ul-Haq says Indian moves to shed its pretense of ‘No First Use’ of nuclear weapons doctrine at a time when Hindutva ideology was dominating in India was worrying for Pakistan.
The former Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee was speaking at the launch of Dr (Brig ®) Naeem Salik’s book ‘Learning to Live with the Bomb, Pakistan: 1998-2016’ published by Oxford University Press. Dr Salik, who has previously worked with Strategic Plans Division (SPD) and contributed to establishment of National Command Authority, in his 352 pages book, sheds light on the evolution of Pakistan’s nuclear doctrine, the establishment of command and control apparatus, and development of safety and security mechanisms. This is the second book authored by Dr Salik, who is now associated with Islamabad’s Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS) as a senior research fellow.
“The most dangerous thing is that these pronouncements are coming in the context of Hindutva agenda of BJP government. Otherwise at no stage since the 1998 nuclear tests did Pakistan, at any level, consider Indian pronouncements of No First Use (NFU) credible. Indians are now themselves exposing the falsehood of those claims,” Gen Haq said.
It is the first time that a senior former official in Pakistan has reacted to the recent indications by Indian scholars, based on the statements to top Indian officials, that India could be moving away from its declared NFU doctrine and consider a massive disarming strike against Pakistan.

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