India: From secularism to saffron terrorism

Sahibzada M Saeed
COUPLE of days ago, an Indian Muslim family was brutally attacked and robbed on a train in Uttar Pradesh. The victims suffered internal injuries in head and stomach. Later, the video of this brutality went viral on social media. Which shows that 30 men with weapons were abusing female family members.
This is not a single incident of brutality against minorities rather Uttar Pradesh has seen various heinous ferocities in the shape of Ram Janambhomi movement, cow-vigilantism, “Ghar Wapsi” movement (conversion of Muslims in to Hinduism), along with multiple communal riots including 62 killings of Muslims in Muzaffarnagar in 2013. Uttar Pradesh is a state where a huge number of Muslims has been living. Since inception they are facing several atrocities by Hindus. But from March 2017, when BJP has won the election in UP and saffron clad politician Yogi Adityanath became Chief Minister, Muslim community is feeling unsafe. Yogi Adityanath is an extremist Hindu Mahant and Hindutva fanatic more than a politician. He founded Hindu Yuva Vahini, an extremist and militant Hindu youth organization. Which is involved in several inti-Muslim communal violence.
Since BJP came into power, it is bluntly following the footsteps of its parent organization RSS. In fact, BJP’s policies are established on the basic ideology of Hindutva and Akhand Bharat and that is why that Modi’s government is backing all those actions which are carried out against Muslims and other minorities. The basic object of all these Hindu extremist organizations is to promote “saffronisation” which advocates right wing Hindu ideology (Hindutva). In fact this is extremely fatal for India itself. Different societal groups in different Indian states are not happy with Modi’s policies. Especially, West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee categorically says that BJP and central agencies are directly involved in creating unrest in West Bengal.
Same tactics are used by Modi Sarkar in other states as well. In Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) and especially post Burhan Wani’s martyrdom, India is brutally oppressing innocent Kashmiris who are fighting for their freedom. And day-by-day situation in Kashmir is getting worse for India. The valley is burning and New Delhi is losing its writ there.
Along with it, social injustice and poverty is increasing rapidly in India. Unbiased and independent sources tell that almost half of Indian population is depriving of the basic facilities. Lower middle class is exceedingly frustrated and suicide rate has been highly increasing for the last few years. Instead of Working on human development sector and creating development opportunities BJP government is involved in promoting saffron terrorism.
Similarly, within the region for long lasting peace and prosperity, New Delhi is reluctant to accept any kind of integration and cooperation. Regional forums like SAARC are not effective to resolve disagreements because of Indian obstinacy. Every day, India violates ceasefire agreements on its borders with Pakistan and People Republic of China.
Today’s India is deviated from Mr. Gandhi’s vision. Mr. Gandhi has advocated peaceful and prosperous India and the region. He went on hunger strike against Indian troop deployment in Kashmir and on to refund 55 crore to Pakistan. And that is why on 30th January 1948 he has assassinated by RSS member and saffron terrorist Nathuram Godse. Unfortunately, today Modi Sarkar is following Nathuram’s legacy instead of Mr. Gandhi. Which is converting secularist India into nuclear “Saffronist” India. Which is dreadful not only for India but also for the whole region.
For the betterment of poor Indian people, domestically, social injustice and “Zaat Paat” system is extremely fatal for Indian Society and current government with its extremist ideology is deepening socio-ethnic cleavages. Along with it, New Delhi must change its foreign policy Behaviour. It is dire need of time to resolve Kashmir issue with peaceful process. After the nuclearisation of Subcontinent, Kashmir is considered as a nuclear flash point. And India must realize this situation. Similarly, massive increment in defence budget by India is destabilizing regional balance of power. It is important for India to focus on human development sector instead of spending billions of dollars on defence and “power projection”.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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