India is the proliferator of terrorism in world

Rayyan Baig

THE peace of the world has been destroyed by the wave of terrorism for quite some time. There is hardly any part of the world which has been spared by this demon. However, so for no clearer unanimous definition of terrorism has been defined by theUN. The UN entitles the rights and freedom to everyone and discredits the tyranny, discrimination and contempt for human beings. As per UN “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”, they have the freedom to spend their lives as per their free will.
The terrorism is generally used by various groups to impose their will over the majority against their wish, in certain cases the states also get involved in terrorism against their people. Ironically, at places the legitimate struggle against the oppression and injustice, like in Indian Occupied Kashmir and Palestine, is also equated with the terrorism by those who are the main source of oppression.
The right to live with dignity and honor has been denied to Kashmiris by India since 1947, and is actively involved in state terrorism against innocent Kashmir is. India is not only involved in state terrorism against Kashmir is and her own minorities geishas, Muslims and Dalits etc, it has a history of committing the terrorist acts against herneighbors too.
The killing of thousands of Bengalis in the hands of Indian trained MuktiBahinis, even after 71 War, massacre of Nepal’s royal family followed by terrorist acts in Nepal’s Terai region and the unabated acts of terrorism in Pakistan are a few examplesto quote. As for Pakistan is concerned the terrorist acts are conceived, financed and executed directly by Indian terrorist and their trained agents.
The capture and confessions of various terrorists, including a serving Indian Navy officer KulbhushanJadhav, is a proof of India’s direct involvement in acts of terrorism across her frontiers.Indian terrorism is not even confined to her neighbors only rather it is spread quite beyond and across the globe. Indian consulates in Afghanistan are busy in spreading terrorism in the region and not letting the war-torn country attain peace. In diais also intimately involved with the ISIS, not only in Afghanistan rather much beyond in Syria and Iraq etc.
India is the biggest supplier of IED accessories to ISIS which keep them moving with their destruction of humanity. Seven Indian companies are supplyingover 700 components/critical material such as chemicals, detonating cords, detonators,
cables, wires, electronic components and medicine etc. Nokia 105 mobile phones, prepared by Nokia Solutions and Networks India, are also used by IS terrorists inspecial remote controlled IEDs. Recently over 24 million Tramadol tablets known as“fighter drug” worth around 50 million euros have been seized by Italian police which were smuggled from India. The said tablets are popular among ISIS fighters in Syria, Iraq, Libya and even Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria. In addition to equipping the terrorists with whatever they require to create havoc against innocent civilians, India is also keeping intimate contacts with ISIS terrorists.
The Indian NSA Ajit Doval has long association with ISIS, he after acquiring thecomplete data from Syrian authorities about ISIS fighters, on the excuse of taking action against them if any one visits India, established contact with ISIS to use them for his own sinister designs. After establishing liaison with the militant warlords of Syria andIraq based Daesh, Doval organized Daesh-TTP meeting in Indian Consulate Kandaharin 2014.
Reportedly, for said meeting Daesh participants travelled to Kandahar by roadfrom Iraq via Iran, whereas Fazalullah and his team were specially flown from Nuristanarea of Afghanistan where he is running a terrorist base. The innumerable terrorist incidents in Pakistan, including APS Peshawar, are all the outcome of unholy Indian-TTP-Daesh-NDS nexus. India has also remained involved in supporting terrorist activities in Syria andIraq, after the fall of Daesh in Iraq 50 Indian nurses who were serving in Daeshcontrolled area were discretely flown from Iraq to India under direct supervision ofIndian NSA.
Many youngsters, especially from Indians Southern state of Karalla have been actively fighting in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan as part of ISIS. The killing of many Indians among ISIS fighters in Afghanistan in USA’s largest conventional bomb “motherof all bombs” in April this year also affirms the Indian-ISIS linkage and direct Indian involvement in terrorist activities across the globe.
Though India/ Doval has been deceiving the world and holding series of secret meetings with Daesh/ ISIS in Iraq, Syriaand Afghanistan but lately Indian-ISIS linkages have been exposed, but due to the commercial interests the world powers are keeping mum over Indian-ISIS linkage. The Doval’s deep connections with terrorists and top underworld mafias of the world werealready exposed by declassified WikiLeaks of diplomatic cables, sent by US Embassy in
India to Washington, when Doval had just vacated the office of IB Chief. Nevertheless,ex US Senator and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was compelled to confess thatIndia has over the years financed problems for Pakistan from across the border in Afghanistan. India is the mother of all the ills and the main proliferate of terrorism in the world.She is directly or indirectly involved in terrorist activities in India itself, Bangladesh,Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Nigeria etc, and thus qualifies to benamed as the “International Proliferate of Terrorism”.
It’s high time that the world powers take note of Indian signature in all the terrorist acts in the world. Till the time India is coerced to abandon her material and physical support to the terrorists the peace in the world in general and the region in particular cannot be ensured.

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