India persists with intransigence

PAKISTAN has expressed disappointment over Indian refusal to talk on Kashmir with Advisor on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz comprehensively briefing envoys of P-5 and EU countries about Indian intransigence and sought their intervention for resolution of the longstanding dispute and an immediate halt to worst kind of atrocities in Occupied Kashmir.
Indian rejection of Pakistani offer of dialogue on Kashmir is nothing new as New Delhi never showed seriousness on the issue during the last over six decades. It only used all such occasions to deflect attention of the international community from the dispute and aspirations of the Kashmiri people who have made known that nothing short of liberation from Indian slavery is acceptable to them. Indian mentality and attitude is known to each and every Pakistani but ironically our policy and decision-makers have been imploring India for talks and even went to the extent of offering a number of concessions to New Delhi in the name of confidence building measures and creation of right kind of atmosphere for the talks to succeed. In the process, Pakistani stand on the dispute stood diluted and it was partly because of this that the world community too did not take the issue seriously. We believe that instead of wasting time on pleasing India, Pakistan should better mount diplomatic and political campaign to expose India’s black face before the world. The present government deserves credit for pleading the cause of Kashmiri people forcefully and the policy has started bearing fruit as UN, OIC and several important countries have expressed their serious concern over trampling of human rights by Indian occupation forces and are calling for peaceful resolution of the conflict. It is because of Pakistan’s diplomatic offensive that the Indian Prime Minister is trying to hide his face from the world as there are reports that he might skip his UN visit where stark realities are waiting for him. What a shame that India is not ready to discuss state terrorism against people in Occupied Kashmir but accuses Pakistan of cross-border terrorism, an accusation, which is rejected by India’s own saner elements who are openly telling Modi that the uprising is totally indigenous.

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