India must quit Kashmir: Farooq  Rehmani


ISLAMABAD : On the eve of Indian invasion on the State of Jammu ans Kashmir and forcible occupation of the State in 1947, Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, has said the chief factor responsible for the Pakistan-India tension and plight of the Kashmiris is the 70 year old Indian military presence in Jammu & Kashmir and India’s continuously flouting of the UNCIP resolutions since late 1940s.


“Although, a sustained dialogue on Kashmir is the only peaceful method to address this problem  unfortunately, India’s track record has been  treacherously discouraging and no talks could yield positive results without the involvement of the Kashmiris in these talks,” he remarked.


He said the people of Jammu and Kashmir had no faith in India’s words; therefore, they observe 27 October as Black Day across Jammu and Kashmir and had welcomed Pakistan also joining Kashmiris in their protests on this day everywhere.


“The people of Kashmir are in psychological trauma because of India’s military repression on men, women & children: killing & blinding of people, braid-cutting of women, imprisonment and detention under the draconian laws,”   he said.


He called upon the United Nations to facilitate the resolution of the dispute by compelling India to create a conducive   atmosphere in the State for moving towards the peaceful resolution of this 70year old question.




Originally published by NNI

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