India must end reprisal against human rights defenders: Wani

Geneva—While taking part in general debate on item 5 Altaf Hussain Wani the representative of International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations to Geneva has said that the special procedures are important mechanism of Human Rights Council for strengthening the capacity of states to improve their human rights record.
He said, “ Although number of special procedures and mandate holders are increasing but it is quite astonishing that despite all these measures we see more victims ,more conflicts and more reparation”. Wani pointed out that it was because of the reluctance of the states to implement the recommendation of the Special procedures.
Seeking HRC’s urgent attention toward the outcome of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of India he said the country (India) was handed over 169 recommendations to improve its HR record but it failed miserably to implement the recommendations. He said India was asked to repeal draconian laws like armed forces special power act, public safe act and foreign contribution regulations act besides ratifying the convention against torture, enforced disappearances and inhuman and degrading treatment of people but notwithstanding to the HRC recommendations India did not implement even a single recommendation of the Council. Referring to Special reporteur on Extra Judicial Summary and Arbitrary Execution Wani told the delegates that whatever little steps India had taken were still lingering in legislative process.
He said, “India did not comply to stop the construction work on the sites of mass graves and continues its policy to deny and obstruct justice to the families of victims of disappeared persons”. This indian attitude on one hand he said was tantamount to disregard and undermine the importance of the special procedures of the Council while on the other it multiplies the miseries of people of Indian occupied Kashmir. He said those co-operating with special procedures face reprisals from the state machinery.
Detention and framing of SAR Geelani under sedition charges , denial of passport to Noted human rights activists , like Pervez Amrooz , Muhammad Ashan Untoo and others
The right to travel and freemovemnt of leaders of all parties remained suspended on one or the other pretext.—Email

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