India must cease Kashmiris killings


Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi


Secretary-General Kashmir Peace Institute Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi has said that India has freed itself from every UN Kashmir imposed legal restrictions and instead have started reducing the Kashmiri plebiscite demading population through its armed forces deloyed in unproportionate strength in occupied Kashmir.
Talking to a a group of colleges graduates he said that India never fulfilled any commitment she made under UN manadate regarding Kashmir. ‘To her Kashmir is a dead dispute despite flowing streams of Kashmiri youth blood across the region’, he observed.
UN should establish its Kashmir mandate over 88023 square miless of J&K region area. It should issue a correct map of J&K region to let the world know the extend and width of the State.
UN is the custodian of Kashmiri human rights; it should enforces is Kashmiri rulings strictly according to the UN internatational rules. Kashmiris should be allowed to go over Line of Control freely as no UN Kashmir resolution prohibits them from doing so, he added.
Secretary General said that it was unfortunate that even after seven decades Kashmir dispute sits sacredly at the UN files pile-up. He hailed the UN Secretary General Mr Antonio Duterres for taking keenness in solving the Kashmir knot around the neck of 18 million Kashmiris waiting for realising their self-determination right.

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