India is beneficiary of terrorist attack

Muzaffar Ali

INDIAN army brigade headquarter in Occupied Kashmir remained under attack on 18 Sept ember by some armed intruders, who, reportedly 4 in number, killed 17 army personnel, injured many. The attack is condemnable but it has importance for its repercussions on the peaceful protests and the indigenous movement launched by people of J&K against forced occupation of their motherland by India. Hundreds of peaceful protestors have been killed by Indian army, thousands of them are arrested but India have failed to control the protest, even after imposing curfew and using coercive measures to curb uprising.
The Indian government intruded its army into the J&K in violation of the terms and conditions mutually laid down for partition of united India in the year 1947 but the people of J&K never accepted the sovereignty of India over their motherland and stood up for their independence. The Indian government could not face the struggle by people of Jammu & Kashmir and carried the Kashmir issue to the united nations with the request to solve the same. Consequently, the UN Security Council passed the resolution, wherein the Security Council as well as India and Pakistan accepted the right of self-determination of people of Jammu & Kashmir through the process of plebiscite.
The Indian government traversed from its pledge before the UN and has since been refusing to comply with the Security Council resolution but neither Security Council nor the member countries compelled India for execution of the resolution and the resolution remained un-satisfied till now. The Kashmiris did not abandon their peaceful struggle to get rid of Indian occupation. The present peaceful protest by the Kashmiris started after assassination of a young Kashmiri activist and caught a momentum up to the point that one can easily feel awakening of conscience of world powers and members of United Nations to prevent Indian army from their atrocities against armless protestants in Kashmir and to play their role to compel the Indian government for execution of Security Council resolution passed in respect of Kashmir issue.
The human history is witness to the fact that, the terrorist activities are not beneficial for a liberation movement; rather such activities subdue the peaceful protest or struggle. The terrorist activities affect antagonistically the international opinion and the victim becomes the accused. The Kashmiris are well aware of the adverse effects of terrorist activities as such present protest in Occupied Kashmir is exclusive of any offensive activity despite shameful atrocities applied by the Indian government against the peaceful protestors. The protestors remained peaceful and the world has seen no single example of offensive attack by the protestors.
Indeed, Pakistan is a party to the Kashmir issue, as it is fragmentary agenda of partition, but Pakistan has always avoided military encounters with India for the liberation of Jammu & Kashmir. Pakistan only supports the peaceful struggle of Kashmiris for their liberation morally and on diplomatic level. Pakistan is ready to comply with the Security Council resolution and has always demanded its execution but India is in persistent state of denial by using the terrorist phenomenon as pretext. Terrorism has become an international issue at present and Pakistan is a big victim of the same. Pakistan has sacrificed thousands of its soldiers and innocent people in the war against terror and no country in the world can deny the role and losses of Pakistan army to eliminate terrorism from the region and worldwide.
The peaceful struggle of people of J&K has reached the peak and also shaken the conscience of international community about the chronic issue of J&K and against the human rights violation by Indian army but all of a sudden and for a surprise of everyone, the Indian brigade came under terrorist attack and the Indian Interior Minister squandered no time to blame Pakistan for it, without preferring any iota of evidence. The Indian government or any Indian intelligence network cannot be blamed for planning such an attack without any cogent evidence but it can be said without fear of rebuttal that the attack is blessing in disguise for India, even a man of common prudence can realize the consequences which may come out of the same. No friend of Kashmiri struggle could do such a terrorist attack at this stage which can be used by India against the peaceful protest and to spoil the attracted mind of international community and organisations, particularly on the occasion when the Prime Minister of Pakistan was going to address the United Nations’ annual session. The Kashmir issue was, no doubt, the main point of his UNGA speech with demand of execution of Security Council resolution. He also categorically unfolded atrocities of Indian army in Kashmir.
The above stated reasons transpire that, the terrorist attack may cause a dent into the peaceful liberation movement of Kashmiris and Indian govt may use it as a tool to resist the stance of Prime Minister of Pakistan before the General Assembly meeting of United Nations, otherwise India has no substance to meet the Prime Minister’s speech. Thus it can be said that, the real beneficiary of the terrorist attack, is India, neither Pakistan nor the Kashmiris.
— The writer is retired Justice Supreme Appelleant Court, Gilgit-Baltistan.

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