India installs Laser walls

INDIAN government has developed a sort of an erroneous notion of using every tactic including military and coercive diplomacy to keep Pakistan under pressure. Whilst it has now activated about a dozen Laser walls along the border with Pakistan in Punjab after experimenting with barbed wires, surveillance cameras and even cowbells and camels, there are also reports that New Delhi plans to install the same technology at the line of control to what it says check cross border infiltration.
In the past also, the Indian side had the plans to build a wall structure on the line of control which was protested by Pakistan at the UN Security Council level, describing it as Indian effort to convert the LOC into a quasi international border. In two letters to the UN, our permanent representative to the UN Maleeha Lodhi had stated that Pakistan considers that the embankment of a permanent structure will bring about a material change in the territory in violation inter-alia of Security Council resolution of 1948. We expect that Pakistani side will not remain silent this time too over India’s move to install these Laser walls on the LoC and raise the issue at the international forums including the United Nations, keeping in view its humanitarian implications on the divided families. Instead of resorting to such tactics including that of sabotage activities within Pakistan, the Indian side should shun its intransigence and sit with Pakistan for the resolution of all outstanding issues which will help bring peace and stability on both sides of the border and the region at large. But what has transpired from recent Foreign Secretary level talks in New Delhi, it appears that the Indian government is not serious to hold talks with in the near future. Whilst Pakistan has always positively tried to engage with India, it should also not remain oblivious to the recent developments on the LoC and raise the issue of installation of Laser walls with the Indian side also, as such a move will make it more difficult for the divided families living on both sides of the line to contact and meet each other.

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