India: Hub of terrorists!

Irrespective of any enmity, antagonism, hate, rivalry, hostility or else this scribe is compelled to write that India is on top of worldwide list for spreading terrorism. According to Indian Ministry of Women and Child Development record – 242,938 children – disappeared between 2012 and 2017.
Track Child, a government database, indicated that nearly — 237,040 children – missed between 2012 and 2014 alone. And, according to Bhuwan Ribhu, a lawyer with Bachpan Bachao Andolan (Save the Childhood) – an anti-trafficking organization – the figure may reach 500,000 a year in future!
Trafficking in Persons Report, 2017 of US State Department, noted that “millions of women and children are victim of sex-trafficking in India”. According to 2016 Global Slavery Index, India is keeping largest number of slaves if compared with any country in the world. Last year the High Court of New Delhi, where the problem of missing children is especially debated had declared the subject as, of extreme importance, calling it “as bad as terrorism”. This scribe is hinting, especially, after 9/11-drama-show about lessoning and training of terrorists is that, these innocent souls were/are passed into a forest, desert or ship etcetera, after paying payment like animals to traffickers. This is going on with joint-venture of other non-Muslim powers. The babies are trained through lessons – like Muslim preachers. Certainly, these innocent babies act accordingly.
And all is going on just to give bad name to religion of “Islam”! This assertion of – picking, trafficking, training and spreading of terrorists in the world is proving 100% correct and will be written in history books in future, surely. History shows that a Muslim never, not at all, dares to kill an ant, even. How can he kill human beings? This fact is proving well since the rise of Islam. So, on the basis of above facts/figures, world must declare India as hub of terrorists!!
Tatrinote, AK

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