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India has to learn lesson

DESPITE humiliation it faced in the recent standoff with Pakistan, Narendra Modi-led Indian Government seems to be persisting with its policy of raising tension with Pakistan to gain political mileage at home. According to media reports, Modi had a meeting with his close associates to ponder over state of readiness to initiate war with Pakistan and gave free hand to the three armed forces in this regard.
The reports substantiate apprehensions of Pakistan as repeatedly expressed by its civilian and military leadership that anything could happen before Indian elections. Details of the meeting that the Indian PM held with his war-mongering colleagues show that India has not learnt any lesson as for as consequences of raising tension with Pakistan is concerned. Inside reports claim that the meeting decided that apart from Azad Kashmir, so-called targets inside Pakistan would also be hit and that attacks would be pro-active and not reactive. It is unfortunate that even after lapse of over seventy years India has not digested the reality of a sovereign Pakistan and remains engaged on different fronts to inflict harm on the country on this or that pretext. Indian mindset against Pakistan can be gauged by the fact that it is hatching conspiracies against China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as well which is a purely economic project aimed at ameliorating socio-economic lot of people of Pakistan. Anyhow, latest reports from New Delhi should serve as an eye-opener for our leadership in Pakistan. The entire Pakistani nation stood solidly behind armed forces when India carried out aggression but as the threat receded, we started trading same old barbs. If Indian armed forces are ready for aggression then our armed forces have amply demonstrated that they too are fully prepared to take on the threat. However, grave challenges facing the country both on internal and external fronts cannot be addressed by any single party or entity. National unity is a must to ward off dangers to the security and sovereignty of the country but we are harming the national cohesion for the sake of petty political interests. Pakistan has the capability to meet any challenge but that demands unity among ranks of the nation.