India—An Epicenter of Terrorism and source of instability in the Region

Rayyan Baig

FOR quite some time India has been crying wolf and blaming Pakistan of abetting terrorism in India, with the sole aim of discrediting Pakistan at international forums. At the same time, she has been using this tactics to divert attention of her masses from various seething problems at home. Pakistan has had innumerable blood baths for over a decade but failed to name India for all the mayhem, rather India made her a punching bag and maligned/ thrashed Pakistan at will. India continued stage managing various incidents inside India like Godhra Train Incident, Malegaon Incident and other such like incidents, to discredit Pakistan, pressurize it and prevent it from taking Indian name.
Though presence of various Indian Consulates in Afghanistan, close to Pakistani border, RAW-NDS nexus and other clues gathered by LEAs, from the scenes of incidents and captured terrorists, clearly pointed finger towards India, but somehow Indian propaganda prevailed. The bolstering Indian terrorist network ultimately provided a golden opportunity to Pakistani Intelligence agencies to catch, red handed, an emboldened serving Indian Navy officer on Pakistani soil.
Pakistan should have fervently exposed India internationally, taken air out of her balloon and turned the tables on India on the capture of a serving Indian Navy officer, directly involved in terrorism and killing of tens of thousands of innocent Pakistanis, but sadly the government kept it low and let this opportunity slip out of her hands, due to unknown expediencies. Strangely the PM never took KY’s name at any forum, whereas Modi and Indian FM never missed any opportunity to vilify Pakistan
India, who initially denied any allegiance with the caught terrorist Kulbhushan Jadhav (KY), is leaving no stone unturned to save him. She has taken KY’s case to the International Court of Justice to stop his execution of death sentence, awarded by a Field General Court martial. Indian action of taking the case to ICJ has once again provided a golden opportunity to Pakistan to avenge and pay back India in the same coin. We need to undrape India by exposing what she has been doing to her neighbours in general and Pakistan in particular.
All the proofs of KY’s involvement in terrorist activities, on behalf of RAW and Indian government, including his confessions, need to be highlighted in the UN, ICJ and International media through our embassies abroad. The proclamations/ confessions of Ajit Kumar Doval of clandestinely serving in Pakistan and his rhetoric of breaking Pakistan also need to be exposed.
The involvement of a serving Indian Armed Forces officer in terrorist activities in Pakistan may well have been quite old, however KY was the only one caught so for. Serving Indian Armed forces officers are not only involved in terrorist activities in Pakistan/ other countries; they are even killing their own innocent citizens in terrorist activities with the direct patronage of RAW and Indian Army.
Colonel Prasad Shrikant Purohit is one such serving Indian Army officer who, along with his Hindu extremist accomplices, was intimately involved in terrorist activities inside India in various incidents including Malegaon and Godhra Train Incidents. He not only killed scores of innocent Indians and Pakistanis, rather sparked anti-Muslim/ anti Pakistan sentiments and provided casus belli to Hindu extremists for further killing innocent Indian Muslims.
Pakistan must not surrender the, much sought after, “War Trophy” at any cost and make KY an example to prevent further potential Indian terrorists from venturing such like terrorist activities in Pakistan. The synergy between RAW, Indian Army and Hindu extremists also needs to be exposed.
The foreign media should be given excess to Ehsanullah Ehsan, a renowned terrorist and spokesman of TTP, to tell the world about Indian involvement in all terrorist activities in Pakistan.
The dramatic killing of the Chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad Hemant Karkare, who exposed the involvement of serving Indian Army officer in various terrorist activities in India and was about to uncover the entire network, must be highlighted with full force to convince the international audience to think outside the tunnel vision created by Indian propaganda.
It must also be highlighted that why a terrorist like attack takes place in India or Afghanistan, whenever any dignitary is scheduled to visit the region or any important event is about to take place in the world? Pakistan is not asinine to earn bad repute, especially on such like occasions.
As a matter of fact India has a long history of stage managing the things with ulterior motives. In 1971, prior to 1971 war, one of the oldest aircraft in the Indian Airlines fleet “Ganga”, which was already withdrawn from service was re-inducted just days before the hijacking, was kidnaped and then burnt on Pakistani soil by Indian agents, in a stage-managed drama by India herself.
India used this drama as an excuse to ban over flights by Pakistani aircrafts thus hindering movement of Pakistani troops to erstwhile East Pakistan for impending war. Even the drama of much trumpeted Ajmal Kasab, allegedly involved in Mumbai attack, has been exposed by a former Indian Inspector General of Police S M Mushrif in his latest book “Who Killed Karkare”. He claims that Ajmal Kasab, the only alleged attacker captured alive, was already in police custody and was arrested before 2006 from Kathmandu by the Indian agency RAW, and there is no evidence linking him to the attack. Interestingly, Miss Anita Uddaiya, a witness who not only saw the attackers land at Badhwar Park but actually spoke to them, confirmed that there were only six individuals, and that Kasab was not one of them. Anita was ultimately dropped as a prosecution witness and had a police case filed against her when she refused to change her statement; yet she was able to identify the bodies of all six terrorists in the JJ Hospital, suggesting that she was a reliable witness. Indian denial of providing any access to Ajmal Kasab and even not handing over his dead body to Pakistan was just to conceal her drama. As per Mr Mushrif the practice of kidnapping innocent people from Kathmandu and presenting them as terrorists after keeping them in custody is very common in India. The recent kidnapping of a retired Pakistani Lt Col from Nepal by RAW testifies the claims made by Mr Mushrif in his book.
Indeed, India is the epicenter of terrorism, and the RAW/ extremist Indian leadership is the main source of trouble for her public and entire neighbourhood, however the disciples of Chanakya have been cleverly throwing sand into the eyes of the world through propaganda and deceit.
The only plausible strategy to rid Pakistan and the entire region from Indian created mayhem is to show the true face of India to the world, so that she mends her ways under world pressure. This however requires a proactive foreign diplomacy under a fulltime and vibrant FM.


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