India entrenches its position in Afghanistan

SINCE the invasion of Afghanistan by the US and its allies to hunt down Al-Qaeda, one could clearly see the ground provided to India by the US and Nato to enhance its presence and clout in the war-ravaged country. Not only it has established several consulates in different cities of Afghanistan but also secured many roads and infrastructure projects over the last seven to eight years. With these special favours, India has managed to make deep inroads in Afghan govt including its security forces and the spy agency.
India has poured more than $1 billion into Afghanistan reconstruction projects making it one of the largest donors to the country. A new national assembly building in Kabul and major power line and road construction has been among the main projects funded by India. On Saturday, Indian PM Narendra Modi inaugurated yet another important $300m project named as friendship dam in Herat province. It is understood that such massive Indian engagement in Afghanistan is aimed at undermining Pakistan, which also poses a direct threat to our security. This is an open secret now that Indian consulates in Afghanistan are supporting militants to carry out subversive activities within Pakistan. The main Indian target is to sabotage multi-billion dollars game changer project China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), something that is not acceptable to our arch rival. The Indian media is also at the forefront of portraying New Delhi as a genuine and real friend of Afghanistan while portraying Pakistan only as a trouble maker. In fact, India misses no opportunity to hurt Pakistan’s interests while operating from Afghanistan. Our foreign policy makers need to wake-up and chalk out a strategy to foil the nefarious Indian designs to bring peace in the region.

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