India country of Hindus first: Shiv Sena



MUMBAI : Holding that India is a country of

Hindus first and others later, the Hindu extremist

party, Shiv Sena on Monday said despite a

“pro-Hindutva” government at the Centre, issues like

Ram Temple construction in Ayodhya and ‘ghar wapsi’ of

displaced Kashmiri Pandits are still unresolved.


RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat had on Friday said in Indore

that ‘Hindustan’ is a country of Hindus, but it does

not mean that it does not belong to “others”.


“The RSS chief says like Hindus, India belongs to

others as well. The Shiv Sena chief says India belongs

to Hindus first and others later, because there are

more than 50 countries for Muslims,” the Sena said in

an editorial in party mouthpiece ‘Saamana’


“Christians have countries like America and  in Europe.

Buddhists have China, Japan, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Hindus do not have any country except this.


“Today there is a pro-Hindutva majority government in

power. Yet, it is not willing to build a Ram temple in

Ayodhya and left its future in the hands of court,” it



“Despite a pro-Hindutva government, the ghar wapsi of

Kashmiri Pandits hasn’t taken place,” said the Sena,

which is a constituent of the NDA government at the

Centre and an ally of the ruling BJP in Maharashtra.


It also waded into the ongoing debate over playing the

national anthem in public places.


A stubborn attitude prevails towards singing of ‘Vande

Mataram’ despite the president and the prime minister

belonging to the “thought process of the RSS”, and some

also do not find it appropriate to stand up while the

national anthem is being played, the saffron ally said.


“If these ‘others’ are insulting the national anthem by

not standing up, the RSS chief should guide the

pro-Hindutva government on what stand it should take

against them,” it said.


The Sena further said Mr. Bhagwat’s statement that “no

one leader or party can make the country great…” also

cannot be ignored.


The RSS chief had last week said that no one leader or

party can make the country great but it needs a change

and we will have to prepare the society for it.



Originally published by INP

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