India chains entire Hurriyat leadership

SINCE decades, India has been using different cheap and dirty tactics including brutal use of force to suppress the voices of Kashmiri people seeking their birth right to self determination but these have all along failed to achieve the foul objectives. The reason is strong determination and will of the Kashmiri people who are spilling every drop of their blood to get the right that is very much enshrined in several UN resolutions but the double standards of some powers are hindering their implementation.
Scenes of oppression and coercion are a routine affair in the life of a Kashmiri in occupied Kashmir who has to face the possibility of arbitrary arrest, torture, frequent cordon searches and extra-judicial killings. Against the killing of a youth in Srinagar, the Kashmiri people had planned to hold a demonstration on Wednesday but in sheer disregard to their rights, the Indian troops again resorted to strict measures including putting the entire Hurriyat leaders Mir Waiz Umar Farooq, Syed Ali Gilani and Muhammad Yasin Malik under house arrest or behind the bars to foil the sit-in protest. These Indian tactics are not something new for the Kashmiri people but these clearly expose the evil and ugly face of the country, which never gets tired of blowing the trumpet of being the largest democracy in the world. In fact, it is the fourth generation of Kashmiri people that is fighting for the right to self determination and despite all the evil Indian maneuvers, including the one to link the freedom movement with terrorism, it has failed to bring any change in the stance of Kashmiri people who are as firm and resolute today as they were years ago to get themselves free from the yoke of Indian subjugation. It will, therefore, be advisable for New Delhi to stop making failed attempts of choking the voice of Kashmiri people and sit together with the Pakistani and Kashmiri leadership to find a solution that is acceptable to the Kashmiri people for peace and stability in this conflict ridden region.

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