India cannot break will of Kashmiri youth

Dr Muhammad Khan

The new generation of the Kashmiri youth seems to be more motivated, determined and clearly destined to snatch their right of self determination from the occupation forces of India. Though they are ill-armed or indeed unarmed with stones and sticks as their sole weapons, but, their will is invincible and their potentials are gigantic, in fact un-matched. They have challenged the world 4th largest military and 2nd largest populated state, the so-called secular state. The Kashmiri youth feel that, achievement of the goal is difficult to be attained, but not impossible to be achieved with the will, they have. The motivating spirit is; Kashmir is not part of India and Kashmiri do not wish to become part of India, despite the paramount Indian efforts in last seven decades.
Burhan Wani, the 22 years old Kashmiri youth was a motivation for his colleagues and contemporaries to fight for the rights of Kashmiri through peaceful means, the social media and the legal ways. There was not any armed motivation in his peaceful media campaign, unless his two brothers were killed by Indian Army to defeat the will of the Burhan Wani. This killing compelled the wani to take arm against the killers of his brothers and finally he was killed by the Indian Army on July 8, 2016. The spirit of youth like Burhan Wani is unbeatable and killing one Wani would mean inviting thousands of new Wanis to continue his sacred mission till the achievement of their right of self determination.
The new strategy, India is using against the unyielding Kashmiri youth, determined to get their right of self determinations is use of “buckshot gun, a pellet grenade” giving an impression that, these are ‘non-lethal weapon’. But, in reality, these are more damaging weapons. In last three weeks, since the death of Wani, over 250 youth have lost their one or both eyes. According to doctors, most of the patients who received the steel pallets have lost their eyesight. Describing the ultimate effect of the pallet guns, a doctor said, “It’s a fate worse than death.”
This is really a wretched state that you do not get the blame of killings infront of international community, yet, made the lives of targeted people a worst case until they die of their natural death. In the wording of another doctor, it is very difficult to remove the small steel pallets from the retinas of the injured people. As per the analysis of international scholars, No country in the world, uses these weapons against its own masses. The Indian strategy clearly speaks that, India is using this weapon not against its own people but, the people whom, it is forcefully occupying and through this tactic India will break their will, a tactic being used by Israel.
It is in fact the Indian campaign to damage the struggling youth in such a way that, they are unable to do anything physically in their subsequent life, a condition of paralysis become a lesson for those, yet to be effected or in the process of joining the struggle for their right of self determination. Indian state terrorism against the Kashmiri youth is not new indeed. “The history has repeatedly established the fact that the Kashmiri youth has always been target of the occupational forces. Tens of thousands of young Kashmiris including students have been killed during their custody in detention centers in different parts of held Kashmir.” Reacting on the new Indian atrocities, the youth of Balochistan has protested against the India and its occupation of IOK.
The Baloch youth and people of Balochistan feel that, “With the killing of disarmed people, India has not only violated the international laws of human rights but it is also guilty of the violation of United Nations’ resolution on Kashmir.” The spokesperson of the Balochistan Provincial Government Mr Kakar said that, “Honouring of UN resolution was the only solution of the Kashmir crisis which India would realize soon as the freedom movement of Kashmiris would continue till they achieve their fundamental rights.”
Since July 9, 2016, there is an imposition of complete curfew in the Valley and so far more than 57 people have been killed by the Indian Army and paramilitary forces. Despite this unprecedented brutalities and human rights violation, the movement of the Kashmiri youth however is gaining impetus with each passing day. This is perhaps beyond the comprehension of Indian leadership and puppet Kashmir regime too. That is why, in a frustrated statement, the Indian External Affairs Minister, Ms. Swaraj said on July 23, 2016, that, “entire Jammu and Kashmir belongs to India, and that it (Kashmir) will never be part of Pakistan”. The Minister perhaps ignored the fact that, Kashmiri people are fighting against the Indian occupation for the past seven decades now. Had India been their choice, there would have not have been such a struggle for their right of self determination. Kashmiri people never fought against the state, people or the security forces of Pakistan. They take Pakistan as their ultimate destination and home. This is the ground reality and a declared fact.
Through the use of force or otherwise, India cannot break the will of the resolute Kashmiri youth. The false claim of being the ‘integral part’ was an Indian dream; Kashmiris rejected long-ago and India has not been able to convince the UN and world community over it. Indeed, Kashmir is not part of India; it is under Indian occupation since October 27, 1947 and being ruled under Article 370 of Indian Constitution, not as integral part but as a temporary and transitional arrangement.
The right of self determination, the Kashmiri struggling for, is the only way forward. The sooner India realizes this fact, the better; it would be for the India, the South Asian region and even for the major powers. Therefore, rather killing the Kashmiri youth, India should concentrate on resolving the Kashmir issue as per their desires and as per the UN resolutions, if it is really a civilized nation and a democratic state.
— The writer is International Relations analyst based in Islamabad.

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